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Shamrock Your Socks Off!

We’re all familiar with the image of leprechauns, four leaf clovers, and lots of beer on St. Patrick’s Day. But there’s so much more to Celtic identity that’s worth celebrating! Tune in to KSPC from 2 to 4pm on Wednesday, March 12 to get a taste of the rich musical tradition both Ireland and Scotland […]

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Music Department Reviews

Album: Ballerina Arcade Artist: Graham Repulski Label: All Tens Music An 8-minute, moody lo-fi ride, Graham Repulski’s latest EP Ballerina Arcade combines everything fuzzy and hard to understand in a way that plays quite a bit like an homage to Guided by Voices. The short run time makes you savor every song since you have […]

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Discussion: Why DJ?

DJing is a popular pursuit at KSPC, but there is no obvious answer as to why people choose to DJ. For one thing, there is no economic incentive, and little experience that would “look good” to most employers. I suspect that there are multiple categories of people who DJ, with plenty of crossover between them. […]

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