KSPC’s Poetry Program provides a space for people to come into the station and read their original poems live on the air! If you are a poet, or even if you are a person with things to say in a poetry way, then this is a great opportunity for you, send us your stuff! Below are participating poets and some of their poetry. Tune in to hear more poetry on air!

Vian Zada
Vian is a senior who doesn’t know what she’s doing after graduation. Luckily, she likes adventure and is used to not knowing things. When she’s not eating food off the ground or leaves off trees, she likes to read about human rights. Vian is a goofball who doesn’t back down from dares and is slightly fearless. She respects all forms of life and loves biology. She also loves people and stars, not that they are too different. Mountains are sacred. She can’t finish things that she starts so…
Tom Triệu
“I’m a Pomona College senior who originally comes from Chicago. My first attempt at poetry was when I was in high school and I had composed some basic four chord melodies on a guitar and wanted to put lyrics onto them. I wrote a song called “Gary the Giant” that was about this giant who was ostracized by his town because he was too big. It was a love song to him from me, telling him that he deserved love and all that. It was meant to be a metaphor for some sort of isolation I felt at the time. I started taking poetry more seriously this semester as I’m taking a poetry writing seminar. In a funny way, I explore many of the same themes in my poetry as I did when I was in high school.”
Kenneth Stephens
Born and raised in India, Kenneth Stephens came to the United States to go to seminary. After acquiring his theological degree, he went on to do his PhD in philosophy. He put both his fields of study to work by becoming a pastor and a professor of philosophy. He likes to think of himself as a philosophical pastor. Now retired in Claremont, he is currently writing a poetic novel whose working title is, Once an Old Soul Lived in Contemplation. It is from this ruminative novel that he reads to us at KSPC.
Flora Gallina-Jones
Flora Gallina-Jones is a native Brooklynite studying math and computer science at Harvey-Mudd College. She writes poetry and short fiction in her spare time, and can often be found whistling around the 5Cs.
Stefan Bindley-Taylor
Stefan, hailing from DC, is a second year at Pitzer College. His musical projects are called Mr. Ramen, and Nafets. Check them out here: https://soundcloud.com/nafets_official
Sean Gunther
Sean Gunther is a Pomona College sophomore studying Politics, English and Art. He is interested in political organization, rhetoric and creative expression. If not busy reading, Sean’s either writing, dancing or practicing his improv comedy. His favorite question is: is there a society that can deliver every individual’s wants, or is this when things fall apart?
Max Kun Aguero
Max Aguero is a third year at Pomona College. He is a double major in philosophy and classics. His interests include continental philosophy, the philosophy of language, and ancient history and literature.

Rules and such:

Anyone is eligible to submit their poems! However, if you have read your poem on-air within the past 30 days, please let someone else have a shot at the limelight.

Poems must be self-written. They can be in any style, but they must be under five minutes long and be completely FCC clean meaning no cuss words, and no inappropriate imagery. Think G to PG-rated.

Multiple poems can be read in one performance if they comply with these regulations, i.e. total performance time is under 5 minutes and all of the poems are FCC clean.

Interested? Send an electronic copy of your poem or poems, preferably as an attachment, to poetry [at] kspc.org along with your name, number, and email address. Or, send a physical copy of your poems to KSPC’s mailing address:

340 N. College Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711
Attn: Poetry

Want to submit a poem, but don’t want to read it live on the air? That’s cool too! There are other things that can be done. Just ask!

Finally, if you are selected, then someone from KSPC will contact you and fill you in on everything else that you need to know.

If you have any other questions, comments, or tidbits then contact poetry [at] kspc.org.

Happy writing!

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