Poet Bios

Jacob Balthazor

Jacob Balthazor is a fourth year student in Cal Poly Pomona’s Electrical Engineering program. He has always been an artistic person, acting and sculpting in high school. Engineering and art are two distinct ways of creating, who’s methods, and purpose are often contradictory. Jacob turned to poetry as a way of expressing himself in the emotionally stifling and theory intensive engineering program.

Nora DeMuth

Nora is a junior at Pitzer, where she’s majoring in Philosophy and studying poetry with Brent Armendinger. Nora writes and performs with the Caltech poetry club (known as the Red Door Poets), is assistant editor of the Caltech Poetry Journal, and has performed her poetry at Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena with the award-winning performance group Poets On Site. Nora can be contacted at ndemuth [at] students.pitzer.edu for poetry and performance requests.

Jeffery Graessley

Jeffrey Graessley is a writer from La Puente, CA. His latest poems can be found in Rusty Nail, Chaffey Review, and Turbulence Magazine. His recent discovery of the BEAT generation has prompted loving and longing thoughts for that simple, drunken, far-gone time in American history.

Hillary Gravendyk

Hillary Gravendyk is an Assistant professor at Pomona College, where she teaches American Poetry. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals including, most recently, Lana Turner, Poemeleon, and Inlandia. Her new book of poetry, HARM, published by Omnidawn Press, explores her experience of receiving a double lung transplant.

Edgar Alexander Lara

Edgar Alexander Lara is a local poet, who’s literary works have recently been gathered into a book titled “I am the Spear.” His writings deal with a broad spectrum of topics, and represent several perspectives from imagining the mind of a youth to conveying the wisdom of an old soul. Darkly themed with a touch of hope, his poetry is sure to show that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Chris Leon

Chris Leon is a Junior at Pitzer College where he studies Linguistics. Chris has been writing poetry since coming to college, and he now sees poetry as one of his continuing passions. Chris’ poems incorporate many themes including his academic studies, the German language, emotions, and walls.

Frankie Macias

Frankie Macias is a 2-year college student at El Camino College in Torrance, CA. He was born into a family of six brothers, and two sisters. At a young age, Frankie expressed an interest in creative arts programs such as music, acting, singing, and writing as a way to distinguish himself apart from his family. He has won many poetry, and writting awards like, “Editor’s Choice” of the 2011 National Young Writers Awards. Frankie’s book entitled, “Something You Forgot” is out for sale now at Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.com. Frankie is also in the process of releasing his second book entitled, “Spoken Lies,” which will be available around February, 2013.

Joshua Mitchell

Joshua Mitchell is some guy who lives in some town that’s surrounded by other towns that are almost exactly like it. He drives a motorized vehicle on paved streets to and from places. He’s married to some gal and they have a child together. He usually doesn’t refer to himself in third person, except when writing biographies.

Alfonso Pascarella

Al studied art and literature at the University of Pittsburgh and Cypress College.  He appreciates all forms of poetry, especially the works of Silverstein, Dickinson, Tennyson and Plath.  As an IT professional working for a multinational conglomerate company, Al finds escape from the corporate lifestyle in artistic expression through poetry and art.

Aria Sarrett

Aria Sarrett is a first-year at Pitzer College who plans to design her own major in Nuerophilosophy. She’s moved around the states quite a bit in her life, her last residence being Iowa; however, she feels most at home in Oregon. She has been writing poetry as a therapeutic hobby for several years and has just recently decided to take a more serious approach to what her poetry could be. She made it her New Year’s resolution to publish, although she doesn’t know how she wants to go about it exactly.

DJ Shmal

DJ Shmal is a Junior at the Claremont Colleges and simply adores KSPC! She also loves photography, shirley temples, trains, and laughing and dancing with her friends. This is her first and only poem.

Melanie Simms

Melanie Simms currently writes poetry out of Pennsylvania, but is a proud former resident, and poet of California. She is an award-winning poet with over 175 publications of poetry in numerous magazines, newspapers and literary journals. Even more, Melanie served with distinction as a former Poet Laureate of Perry County, and is listed in Marquis Who’s Who of the World and Cambridge Who’s Who of Women in Publication. To read more of Melanie’s poetry, check out her book of poetry titled, “Waking the Muse.”

Remy Sutherland

Remy Sutherland is a student at Pomona College. He is currently working on putting together a book of his poems. He is happy to answer any questions or criticism about his poetry at remy.sutherland@gmail.com.

Emma Tamayo

Emma Tamayo is local poet who sometimes incorporates her poetry into her mixed media art.  Her motto is, “To Reveal not Conceal.” Between writing poetry and making art, Emma manages to find time to plug in words toward her her first book, “Look both Ways,”  a Latina’s Journey on Self Discovery and Her Wacky Personal Detours.  Emma’s poetry reflects on Love, Passion, and The Infamous heartbreak, ending with the Strength to Persevere.


Generally vespertine, Theda creates aesthetic/kinesthetic experiences out of need and desire for all. Her creative work relates aspects of human social structures,(/)systems and interactions, often utilizing material debris, including language. An inveterate wordsmith since a LONG, LONG spacetime ago, this transmitter also writes, (DUH!), doodles, sings (raising karyoke to a slightly-“above average” to average experience (not vocally)) (paints, designs, draws, crafts,).. She is working on book products and anything innoventive. Come play lacrosse and floor hockey with her. REACH OUT/SHARE/FIND HER AT POETBRIDGE@GMAIL.COM. Street credz: Vassar College (BA); School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA).

Audrey Winter

Audrey Winter is a local, creative college kid who has written poems throughout her life purely for pleasure. Audrey began developing the very unfortunate character named Didley Gup during her sophomore year in high school. Her poems tell of his whimsical, yet tragic life, and are dark parodies to young children’s poems. Though the endings may be sad, Audrey writes in a fashion that is catchy enough to leave you giddy at the end.

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