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★ ~☆:.,;* KSPC T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST `*:;,★ ~☆

Do you love KSPC? Do you love T-Shirts? Do you love bragging rights? Then maybe you should submit to the KSPC T-Shirt Design Contest!!!! We are looking for any and all designs and our favorite will be printed! REQUIREMENTS: – Must Say: “KSPC” “88.7 FM” and “” – Digital files should be submitted to […]

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KSPC T-Shirt Contest

Do you need some flair in your wardrobe? A little bounce in your step? Why not create the new KSPC T-Shirt. The contest will take place throughout the month of June, and the winner will receive a free shirt, a gift certificate to Rhino Records in Claremont, and bragging rights for an eternity. We accept […]

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