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Station Life: Photos of In-Studio Session and Guest DJ Nnamdi Moweta

Check out these awesome behind-the-scenes photos of our In-Studio session with DJ Nnamdi Moweta of “Radio Afrodicia” on KPFK!   Two shows happening at once!   Thanks to Vivian Ponte-Fritz for the photos!  Check out more photos on Facebook.

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“Boss Guy In Claremont” Celebrates 30 Years with KSPC!

Congratulations to John Stout, one of our amazing community volunteers/DJs, on celebrating 30 years with KSPC!  Now that’s dedication!  Thanks for all the great work you’ve done for us over the years! Be sure to tune in to his show “Boss Guy in Claremont” every Sunday from 10pm to 1am for some awesome music and special giveaways. -E

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Station Life in the (Relatively) Early Morning

For those of you who have ever wondered what it is like down at the station when you’re not around (kind of a “Does a falling tree make a sound if there’s no one there to hear it?” thing)…the answer is YES!  The station is still there and running!  For our listeners who maybe haven’t […]

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