REVIEW: Jordan O’Jordan – Jordan O’Jordan’s Jar of Jams (Columbus Discount)

Jordan O'Jordan - Jordan O'Jordan's Jar of Jams (Columbus Discount)

Seattleite Jordan Smith is the sweet-singing folk fellow behind Jordan OíJordanís Jar of Jams. Pure cane sugar might be to the sound of Jar of Jams what high fructose corn syrup is to evil. Blissfully simple banjo riffs and Jordanís dense simple-truth-filled lyrics blend beautifully with a voice that flows and ebbs like the calmest body of water youíve ever taken a dip in. Jordanís voice is indeed the heart of his art; he experiments with some raw-cappella, but his instrumental/vocal tracks tingled me timbers most. Jordanís voice is backed up here and there by an unidentified female vocalist, and twice breaks into Choir=like sing-along, most notable in ĎLittle Fingerí which painted the image of a party in an Italian barn, with the accordion and all).
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