REVIEW: The Golden Hours – Spooky EP (Eggy)

The Golden Hours - Spooky EP (Eggy)
The Portland foursomeís four-song EP ‘Spooky’ is minimalist in every sense of the word. The bandís debut album, ‘The Mystery & Her Crew‘, was released in 2006, and had a folkier sound juxtaposed with ‘Spooky’, which vibes a sort of distorted flower pop. The songs carry a similar theme throughout and because the album is so short, the product is holistic. Do not fear Spooky is a friendly ghost. The lead vocalist Elizaís voice is quaint and when itís quiet reminds me of Nicoís. Spooky is crinkly, poppy, sunny kindness.
Sounds Like: Velvet Underground and Nico, drugs


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