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Scary Songs!

SCARY SONGS! By Vivian Ponte-Fritz I played some some scary themed songs on the radio this week and in the spirit of all hallows eve and halloween and dia de los muertos I started wondering what other scary songs people love are! I played: Reagan’s Skeleton – Yeasayer Lightning – Bright Moments I Fell In […]

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Listen to Larry the Fox’s Interview with Gordon Goodwin on KSPC’s Blog!

Larry the Fox’s interview with jazz legend Gordon Goodwin on Aug. 20, 2012 has been uploaded to the KSPC website (www.kspc.org).   Click here for the link!

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The Spin Doctors: Grouse Mountain Skyride///Job’s Daughters

  Grouse Mountain Skyride —- by Winona I have been accused of reacting viscerally to things. Not always in a terrible way though, sometimes it’s in reference to my immediate and mostly uninformed responses to music, movies, pop culture, etc. I’m the first to admit that it can sometimes be a strong reaction, and I […]

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