KSPC Charts For The Week Of October 6th, 2008
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KSPC Top 30

1 Hecuba Sir (Manimal Vinyl)
2 Women Women (Jagjaguwar)
3 Deerhunter Microcastle (Kranky)
4 Sic Alps U.S. EZ (Siltbreeze)
5 The Silver Jews Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (Drag City)
6 Karl Blau Nature's Got Away (K)
7 Daedelus Love to Make Music To (Ninja Tune)
8 High Places High Places (Thrill Jockey)
9 V/A OST: I'm Not There ()
10 What's the Science? Elevation (Shaman Work)
11 Herman Dune 1-2-3 Apple Tree (Everloving)
12 Blevin Blectum Gular Glutter (Aagoo)
13 The Chap Mega Breakfast (Ghostly International)
14 J-Live Then What Happened? (BBE)
15 The New Year The New Year (Touch and Go)
16 Jackson Conti Sujinho (Mochilla)
17 Cool Kids The Bake Sale (Chocolate Industries)
18 Fujiya & Miyagi Lightbulbs (Deaf Dumb and Blind)
19 Edmund Welles Tooth & Claw (0th)
20 Rurik Re-education (S/R)
21 Portugal, The Man Censored Colors (Equal Vision)
22 Presto State of the Art (Concrete Grooves)
23 Grupo Fantasma Sonidos Gold (Aire Soul)
24 Death by Panda House Made of Glass (Rainbow Destroyer)
25 Ponytail Ice Cream Spirital (We are Free)
26 Starfucker Starfucker (Badman)
27 Au Verbs (Aagoo)
28 Holy Fuck Lovely Allen 12" (Young Turks)
29 Pumice Quo (Soft Abuse)
30 Your Heart Breaks Love is a Long Dark Road (Love is All You Need) (MightyMo)

KSPC Hip Hop Top 10

1 J-Live Then What Happened? (BBE)
2 Common Marekt Black Patch War (Massline)
3 Prodigy H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 (Voxonic)
4 Cool Kids Bake Sale (Chocolate Industries)
5 Plantlife Time Traveller (Easy League)
6 Presto State of the Art (Concrete Grooves)
7 Blue Scholars Butter & Guns (Massline)
8 Radius Neighborhood Suicide (Secret Life of Sound)
9 Daedelus Love to Make Music To (Ninja Tune)
10 What's the Science? Elevation (Shaman Work)

KSPC Electronic/RPM Top 10

1 Alias Resurgam (Anticon)
2 Daedelus Love to Make Music To (Ninja Tune)
3 Flying Lotus Los Angeles (Warp)
4 Health HEALTH/DISCO (Lovepump United)
5 Twine Violets (Ghostly International)
6 Odd Nosdam Pretty Swell Explode (Anticon)
7 Matmos Supreme Balloon (Matador)
8 The Chap Mega Breakfast (Ghostly International)
9 The Orb The Dream (Six Degrees)
10 65daysofstatic The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties (Monotreme)

KSPC World Top 10

1 Mariachi los Camperos de Nati Cano Amor, Dolor, Lagrimas: Musica Ranchera (Smithsonian Folkways)
2 Ojos de Brujo Techari Live (Six Degrees)
3 Grupo Fantasma Sonidos Gold (Aire Soul)
4 Jackson Conti Sujinho (Mochilla)
5 V/A Afrobeat Nirvana: Vampisoul Goes to Africa (Vampisoul)
6 DJ Logic & Jason Miles Global Noize (Shanahie)
7 V/A Vicky Cristina Barcelona Soundtrack (Telarc)
8 Michael Franti & Spearhead All Rebel Rockers (Anti/Boo Boo Wax)
9 V/A Radio Myanmar (Burma) (Sublime Frequencies)
10 V/A Introducing Hanggai (World Music Network)

KSPC Jazz Top 10

1 Dawn Lambeth Let's Get Lost (Spanish Shawl Music)
2 Kristen Korb Why Can't You Behave (Double K)
3 Megan Birdsall Little Jazz Bird (Soundtrek)
4 Paula West Temptation (S/R)
5 Hip Pocket Blue Circle (S/R)
6 Kristen Storm intention (S/R)
7 Robin McKelle Modern Antique (Cheap Lullaby)
8 Maceo Parker Roots & Grooves: Back to Funk (Heads Up)
9 Swing 4 Sale Swing 4 Sale (S/R)
10 Erin Bode The Little Garden (Native Language)

KSPC Americana Top 10

1 Calexico Carried to Dust (Quarterstick)
2 Samantha Crain Confiscation (Omega)
3 Matt Baldwin Paths of Ignition (American Dust)
4 Laddy Dottie and the Diamonds Lady Dottie and the Diamonds (Hi Speed Soul)
5 Bark Hide and Horn National Road (Boy Howdy)
6 Avett Brothers The Second Gleam (Ramseur)
7 Leslie and the Badgers Leslie and the Badgers (S/R)
8 Allen Ginsberg/William Blake Songs of Innocence and Experience (Verve)
9 The Donkeys Living on the Otherside (Dead Oceans)
10 Neva Dinova You May Already Be Dreaming (Saddle Creek)

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10

1 Demolition Hammer Necrology - A Complete Anthology (Century Media)
2 Boris Smile (Southern Lord)
3 Guns Are for Kids It Takes a Nation of Morons to Hold Us Back (Fourthworld)
4 Made Out of Babies The Ruiner (The End)
5 AIDS Wolf Cities of Glass (Skin Graft)
6 Racebannon Acid or Blood (Southern)
7 The Flying Luttenbachers Trauma (ugEXPLODE)
8 The Melvins Nude With Boots (Ipecac)
9 Million Dollar Itch Angry America (Head Change Studios)
10 We Versus the Shark Dirty Versions (Hello Sir)

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