KSPC Charts For The Week Of December 8th, 2008
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KSPC Top 30

1 Crystal Stilts Alight of Night (Slumberland)
2 The Knew Boom Bust (S/R)
3 Ten Kens Ten Kens (Fat Cat)
4 Talkdemonic Eyes at Half Mast (Arrco)
5 Ty Segall Ty Segall (Castleface)
6 Max Tundra Parallax Error Beheads You (Domino)
7 Desolation Wilderness White Light Strobing (K)
8 Wallpaper On the Chewing Gum Ground (K)
9 Adventure Adventure (CarPark)
10 Dark Dark Dark The Snow Magic (Supply and Demand)
11 Antony and the Johnsons Another World (Secretly Canadian)
12 Anni Rossi Afton (4AD)
13 O'Death Broken Hymns Limbs and Skin (Kemado)
14 High Places High Places (Thrill Jockey)
15 Juana Molina Un Dia (Domino)
16 Virginia Reed She Is the Horse (How to be a Microwave)
17 Hurray for the Riff Raff It Don't Mean I Don't Love You (S/R)
18 Larkin Grimm Parplar (Young God)
19 Secret Chiefs 3 Xaphan (Tzadik)
20 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (Say Hey)
21 Francois Virot Yes or No (Frenetic)
22 The Rorschach Garden The Toy Factory (Bazooka Joe)
23 V/A Esopus 11 (Espous)
24 Anathallo Canopy Glow (Anticon)
25 Restavrant Restavrant Returns to the Tomb of Guiliano Medici (Narnack)
26 These Arms are Snakes Tail Swallower and Dove (Suicide Squeeze)
27 Religious Knives The Door (Ecstatic Peace!)
28 Mucca Pazza Plays Well Together (Leatherbus)
29 V/A Children of the Goo (Famous Class)
30 V/A Messthetics #106: The Manchester Musicians Collection 1977-1982 (Hyped 2 Death)

KSPC Hip Hop Top 10

1 The Streets Everything is Borrowed (Vice)
2 V/A Best of Hip Hop Volume 1 (Ourstage.com)
3 Alltruisms Clusterbombs (Gravel)
4 Apollo's Sun Rust (STLP)
5 Nat Kendall Songbird Sing (rock shock it!)
6 People Under the Stairs Fun DMC (Tres)
7 Living Legends The Gathering (Legendary Music)
8 The Cool Kids Delivery Man (Green Label Sound)
9 CYNE Pretty Dark Things (Hometapes)
10 Restiform Bodies TV Loves You Back (Anticon)

KSPC Electronic/RPM Top 10

1 Max Tundra Parallax Error Beheads You (Domino)
2 V/A You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts (Ninja Tune)
3 School of Seven Bells Alpinisms (Ghostly International)
4 Adventure Adventure (Carpark)
5 Hawnay Troof Islands of Ayle (Southern)
6 Gang Gang Dance Saint Dymphna (The Social Registry)
7 Olekranon Cohesion (Inam)
8 Blevin Blectum Gular Flutter (Aagoo)
9 The Tough Alliance The New School (Summer Lovers Unlimited)
10 Services Eat Prey Love (A Touch of Class)

KSPC World Top 10

1 V/A Early Morning Riddim (Macro Beats Records)
2 El Guincho Alegranza (XL)
3 Think of One Camping Shaabi (Crammed Discs)
4 Lila Downs Shake Away (Blue Note)
5 The Bug London Zoo (Ninja Tune)
6 3 Na Massa 3 Na Massa (Nublu)
7 Orchestra Baobab Made in Dakar (World Circuit/Nonesuch)
8 Emiliana Torrini Me and Armini (Rough Trade)
9 Juana Molina Un Dia (Domino)
10 Grupo Fantasma Sonidos Gold (Aire Soul)

KSPC Jazz Top 10

1 Hip Pocket Blue Circle (S/R)
2 Karen Johns Star and Season (Ptarmigan)
3 Bruce Lofgren Jazz Trio (Sea Breeze)
4 Leslie Lewis/Gerard Hagen Of Two Minds (Surf Cove Jazz)
5 Megan Birdsall Little Jazz Bird (Soundtrek)
6 The Dixon-Rhyne Project Reinvention (Owl Studios)
7 Virginia Mayhew Septet A Simple Thank You (Renma)
8 Antonio Ciacca Rush Life (Motema)
9 Kate Reid Sentimental Mood (Kate Reid Music)
10 Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik Quartet Moods (Extraplatte)

KSPC Americana Top 10

1 Listing Ship A Hull Full of Oil and Bone (S/R)
2 Michael Doucet From Now On (Smithsonian Folkways)
3 Hurray for the Riff Raff It Don't Mean I Don't Love You (S/R)
4 Jessica Lea Mayfield With Blasphemy So Heartfelt (Polymer Sounds)
5 Eleanor Murray For Cedar (Anonymous Monk)
6 Bowery Blue Boy Stalk that Myth (Space Photo)
7 Martin Roberts and the Plain Hard Truth Bad Case of deja vu (Cold Truth)
8 Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson Rattlin' Bones (Sugar Hill)
9 The Upsidedown Human Destination (Beat the World)
10 Giant Sand proVisions (Yep Roc)

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10

1 A Static Lullaby Rattlesnake (Fearless)
2 Crystal Antlers EP (Touch and Go)
3 Testament The Formation of Damnation (Nuclear Blast)
4 Zamla Mammaz Manna Family Cracks (Silence)
5 Tull, Jethro This Was (Chrysalis)
6 Burst Lazarus Bird (Relapse)
7 Droidsattack Fatal/Error (Crustacean)
8 Mortiferous Scorn The Perfect Impurity (S/R)
9 Bison Quiet Earth (Metal Blades)
10 Communic Payment of Existence (Locomotive)

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