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Nathan Wang
Nathan Wang Part 2
Nathan Wang Part 3
Nathan Wang Part 4
Nathan Wang Part 5
Nathan Wang Part 6
Nathan Wang Part 7
Nathan Wang Part 8
This February 2014 interview with composer Nathan Wang includes discussion of the use of temp tracks, the economics of composing for large orchestras versus virtual samples, influences, composing for a variety of film genres, the difference between ambiance and melodic approaches, and the Nathan Wang sound. There will also be short topics weaved in and out of the main subjects as listed.


4th Annual Jazz Roundtable First Hour
4th Annual Jazz Roundtable Second Hour
In celebration of April being National Jazz Appreciation Month and KSPC’s 60th Anniversary this year, the 4th Annual Jazz Roundtable was hosted by DJ Larry the Fox on his show “All that Jazz” at 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 30. Participants included such jazz legends as Alphonse Mouzon, Scott Whitfield, Ginger Berglund, Dave Tull, and Bobby Bradford. During this “Jazz Legend Summit”, Larry’s guests discussed issues in the jazz world and shared their opinions, experiences, jazz jokes and other funny jazz-related events.
3rd Annual Jazz Roundtable First Hour
3rd Annual Jazz Roundtable Second Hour
In recognition of National Jazz Appreciation Month, the 3rd Annual Jazz Roundtable was hosted again by DJ Larry the Fox on his show “All that Jazz” on April 26, 2014. The following legendary A List Jazz musicians/educators/recording artists participated: Ron Eschete, Dr. Reed Gratz, Ron Kobayashi, Llew Matthews, and Barry Zweig. These artists had lively discussions about their experiences in jazz and various jazz issues.
David Allen
David Allen Re-Visits KSPC: David Allen, columnist for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, revisited Larry the Fox’s show “All that Jazz” on November 15, 2014. They had an interesting discussion about David’s new book, jazz, and his life as a writer.
David Allen
David Allen, Staff Writer and Humor Columnist for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, was a guest on Larry the Fox’s show,”Claremont Straight Ahead” at 1:00 pm on Monday, May 31, 2010 (Memorial Day).


Glenn Cashman
Glenn Cashman, jazz saxophone/piano virtuoso, composer, arranger, big band leader, recording artist, and widely acclaimed educator, was a guest on Larry the Fox’s straight ahead jazz show “Claremont Straight Ahead” on October 8, 2012. Glenn earned a doctorate in music from the University of Maryland and he has been Director of Jazz Studies at Cal State Fullerton, Towson University, and Colgate University. This interview covers his interesting musical and professional background, his philosophy, as well as his performance and recording history.


Barry Cogert
Larry the Fox, host of Claremont Straight Ahead, interviewed Barry Cogert on his show on Monday, September 14th. Barry has has played and recorded with such jazz greats as Louis Bellson, Bobby McFerrin, Ron Eschete, Gerald Wiggins, David Foster and Roger Williams; and he has performed at the Montreaux and North Sea Jazz Festivals. His great work has been recognized by several distinguished artist awards.


Robert Davi
On May 7, 2012, DJ Larry the Fox interviewed Robert Davi on Larry’s show “Claremont Straight Ahead.” Davi is an actor and jazz singer. He has played such roles as Special Agent Johnson in Die Hard, the villainous Jake Fratelli in The Goonies, and Al Torres in Showgirls. However, Davi is perhaps best known for playing drug lord Franz Sanchez in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill as well as FBI Special Agent Baily Malone in the NBC television series Profiler. Classically trained as a singer, Davi launched his professional singing career in 2011 performing Frank Sinatra classics. He opened as a headliner at The Venetian, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 23, 2012. Check out this interesting interview.


Dr. Q
Larry the Fox, host of Claremont Straight Ahead, interviewed Dr. Q of Big Papa and the TCB on his show.


Gordon Goodwin
Gordon Goodwin was Larry the Fox’s guest on his straight ahead jazz show “Claremont Straight Ahead” on August 20, 2012. Gordon is a legendary sax and piano virtuoso, composer, arranger, publisher, producer, and conductor of “Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band”. He has won three Emmys for his movie scores, has garnered thirteen Grammy nominations for the band’s six CD’s, and recently won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement for his arrangement of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. This is a really interesting interview of a living jazz legend.


Reed Gratz
On 10/19/13, Dr. Reed Gratz, long-time Professor of Music and Music Dept. Chairman of the University of La Verne, was interviewed by DJ Larry the Fox on his show “All that Jazz”. In addition to teaching at various universities in the US and abroad, Dr. Gratz is a widely acclaimed jazz keyboardist, composer, arranger, band leader, and recording artist. He shared his extensive background and experience in this interesting interview.


The Happiness Band
Larry the Fox interviewed three interesting and talented guests from The Happiness Band, a Tujunga-based straight ahead jazz group, on his show “Claremont Straight Ahead”. The guests were Bob Sullivan, leader of the group and its drummer; Gustavo Ramirez, its Cuban piano virtuoso; and Maria Wasserman, its vocalist. Be sure to check out this exciting interview and hear tracks from the group’s new CD.


Luther Hughes
February 7, 2011 – On his show, “Claremont Straight Ahead”, Larry the Fox interviewed Luther Hughes, Jazz bass virtuoso, arranger, composer, producer, educator, and leader of an outstanding group of jazz musicians known as the “Cannonball-Coltrane Project (CCP)”. The CCP has now cut four CDs and their latest release titled “Things Are Getting Better” is getting great reviews and is very hot on the jazz charts (currently #3).


Alphonse Mouzon
March 12, 2016 – On his show, “Claremont Straight Ahead”, Larry the Fox interviewed Jazz Legend Alphonse Mouzon. Alphonse is a World Class jazz star who has been widely acclaimed for his multi-talent including his drumming and mastering of a variety of various other instruments, as well as his composing, arranging, bandleading, & producing experience. Alphonse has performed and recorded with such A-List jazz groups as Weather Report, Miles Davis, and numerous others as a sideman & as a leader.


Frank Potenza
May 14, 2016 – Legendary jazz guitarist, Capri recording artist, and educator Frank Potenza was a guest on “All that Jazz” hosted by DJ Larry the Fox. Frank is a protégé of the late, great Joe Pass and is an active composer, arranger, and performer with nine solo albums to his credit and numerous record dates with other jazz greats. He has performed in concert with such jazz legends as Dizzy Gillespie, George Van Eps, Joe Pass, Bud Shank, Mose Allison, James Moody, Harry “Sweets” Edison, Brother Jack McDuff, and others. Frank toured and recorded as a member of the Gene Harris Quartet and is a featured soloist on “Alley Cats”, Gene’s last recording for Concord Records. He is a full Professor at the University of Southern California. In addition, he currently leads his own groups.


RJ Ross
DJ Larry the Fox sat down with Soul-inspired Jazz singer and keyboardist Professor R.J Ross on June 21, 2010 to discuss his career and work.


Don Shelton
On August 23, 2014, Don Shelton, a jazz musicians’ musician (woodwind instruments) and longtime member of the Hi-Lo’s and Singers Unlimited vocal groups, was a guest on Larry the Fox’s show “All that Jazz”. Don shared his experiences during his exciting performance and recording career in music, jazz, and singing numerous commercials (jingles).


Whitfield & Berglund
Jazz trombone legend and vocalist Scott Whitfield and vocalist Ginger Berglund visited Larry the Fox’s show on Saturday, January 23, 2016. Scott is a widely acclaimed musician, composer, arranger, bandleader, educator, recording artist and vocalist. He has gained international recognition for his work with numerous combos and big bands including his own on both coasts. His latest creative venture paired him with vocalist and lyricist Ginger Berglund.


Chris Williams
Jazz Vocalist Chris Williams, a Canadian sensation, has been performing professionally since he was fifteen years old. He has built a loyal following and has performed with world-class jazz musicians around the world. He has earned many awards and universal acclaim. ( He was interviewed by Larry the Fox on “Claremont Straight Ahead,” on Monday, Feb 8, 2010.
Avi Buffalo
DJ Lilly chatted with Avi of Avi Buffalo about their debut album “Avi Buffalo,” life on tour, the Long Beach music scene, and why age ain’t nothing but a number in May 2010.


Clio Beauvoir and Kendra Atleework, summer General Manager and Music Director, sit down with Beth Tacular and Phil Moore of the Bowerbirds before their show at the echo on August 4th. They discuss everything from the ethics of file sharing to the nu-folk movement.


Rachael Cantu
LA-based musician Rachael Cantu talked to DJ Lilly outside of her Feb. 11th show at the Motley Coffeehouse on Scripps College about her new album “Far and Wide,” touring with B.B. King, and why playing coffeehouses make her nervous.


Dick Dale
DJ Cosmonaut chats with surf rock legend Dick Dale.


Frontier Ruckus
Matthew Milia, lead singer and songwriter of Frontier Ruckus, discusses his songwriting process and the inspiration behind the band’s first album “The Orion Songbook” with DJ Lilly. Memories and the band’s home base of Michigan are heavily discusses. This interview took place at the Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival in October 2009.


Girl in a Coma
Clio Beauvoir and Kendra Atleework, summer General Manager and Music Director, chat with Jenn Alva, bass player for Girl in a Coma. They chat about everything from women in music to Morrissey.


Austin 3-piece Harlem spoke with DJ Clio and DJ Mandy before their July 09, 2010 show at The Echo about signing with Matador, their recording process and what it means to be from Austin verses to be an “Austin band.”


Local band, Health, interviewed by DJ Olaf, host of the Space Age Bachelor Pad Music.


Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson, owner of K Records and member of bands such as Beat Happening, The Halo Benders and Dub Narcotic Sound System came to Claremont on Friday, Jan 30th for a show and gave an interview with Jane and DJ Cosmonaut in the studio discussing the future of K and his own musical projects.


Aaron Kenyon
Aaron Kenyon of Man is the Bastard and Lux Nova Umbra Est took some time out to speak with Troytalkshow on his show Taboo on November 6, 2007. They discuss the history of MITB along with other topics such as powerviolence, politics, and spirituality. Kenyon delivers many cold hard facts along with plenty of laughter as well. It was a pleasure to have him speak live on such topics.


Brent Knopf
After their second show at the El Rey Theatre, KSPC’s General Manager Clio Beauvoir chats with Brent Knopf of Menomena about his new side project Ramona Falls. They discuss Ramona Fall’s debut album, Intuit, and other musical matters.


Ian Mackaye
DJ Special K and DJ Nino hold a telephone interview with Washington, D.C. singer and guitarist Ian MacKaye, best known for being the frontman of punk bands Minor Threat, Embrace, Fugazi, and The Evens.


Sam McPheeters
Sam McPheeters of Born Against chats with DJ Talkshow Troy.


Georgia Anne Muldrow
DJ Hamsaa interviewed multi-instrumentalist, poet and Jazz musician Georgia Anne Muldrow on his show Journeys in Satchidananda on July 15th, 2010 . They spoke about the spirit of Jazz and more!


Polka Dot Dot Dot (Nov 09)
Olympia-based Polka Dot Dot Dot filled DJ Lilly and DJ Orangutan in on PDDD life since their last KSPC interview in March 2009. The Dots discussed their new album “Syzygy,” gave advice on how to arrange acapella songs while driving, and explained why their trailer is slowly becoming a whale. This interview took place in November 2009 on snazzy antique couches outside of their LA show at Historical Monument 157.


KSPC DJ Little D got a phone interview with Minneapolis hip-hop artist P.O.S. discussing his newest album.


Ty Segall
DJ Clio and DJ Fleshsweat spoke with Ty Segall of Epsilons-Traditional Foolsfame about his 3rd solo record, “Melted,” the joys of living in San Francisco and John Dwyer.


Brandi Shearer
DJ Lilly interviewed singer-songwriter Brandi Shearer before the Rhino Records stop of her “shore to shore indie record store tour” on Wednesday, Sept. 16 to discuss the perks of being a totally independent musician, Shakespeare, and Twitter.


So So Glos & Alma Mater
Brooklyn indie punk band The So So Glos and Orange County punk band Alma Mater stopped by the basement for an exclusive post-SXSW interview with DJ Mandy Manray on March 27, 2009. Two bands interviewed at once, total mayhem!


Song Preservation Society Interview
The indie alt-folk group, SONG PRESERVATION SOCIETY, is an acoustic trio best known for their melodic guitar playing accompanied by stirring vocal harmonies. Most often compared to Crosby, Stills & Nash, Simon & Garfunkel, and Fleet Foxes, the group delivers an authentic sound that is organic and transcendental. Bandmates Trevor Bahnson, Ethan Glazer and Daniel Wright met while studying music theory at Berklee College of Music in Boston. They currently reside in Silverlake, CA where they have amassed a following on the indie circuit, having recently performed at House of Blues, Hotel Café, The Mint, Bootleg Bar and Silverlake Lounge. Past highlights include opening for Brett Dennen and playing to a sold out audience at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. The band is currently working on a second independent album release expected to hit later this year. Song Preservation Society is known for “vocal harmonies, prolific songwriting, and charismatic live performances.” The band delivers an “authentic sound that is both timeless and fresh.” For more information and to listen to Song Preservation Society’s debut EP, please visit On Wednesday June 13th I had the amazing opportunity to interview the three awesome guys who make up a band called Song Preservation Society. They also played in studio and just blew me away. Seriously, their skills and harmonies and lyrics just make me want to melt. This was my first interview and in-studio EVER, and they made it so easy for me. It’s going to be hard to top this in the future.


Songs for Snakes
Clio Beauvoir and Kendra Atleework, summer General Manager and Music Director, chat with Bill of Songs for Snakes. Songs for Snakes topped the KSPC charts this summer, and we’re very grateful that Bill was able to take the time to talk to us about the band and its future.


Tim Gane of Stereolab interviewed by DJ Olaf, host of the Space Age Bachelor Pad Music.


The Strange Boys
Clio Beauvoir and Kendra Atleework, summer General Manager and Music Director, ambush Strange Boy’s lead singer Ryan Sambol before their show at the echo on June 30th. They discuss everything from politics to brotherly love to jazz standards.


Vienna Teng
Singer-songwriter Vienna Teng spoke with DJ Lilly via phone in May 2010 about her past career as a computer scientist, her current life as a full-time touring musician, and why she’s taking a break from it all (at least for a few years) to get her masters in sustainable enterprise.


Tijuana Panthers
Summer GM Mandy chats with Phil and Dan of the Tijuana Panthers after their stellar set at the Silverlake Jubilee on May 22nd, 2010. The three discuss their Modern Lovers’ fangirling, the new record and more.


Emily Wells
DJ Lilly interviewed LA-based musician Emily Wells at SXSW in Austin, TX. Emily talked about her dreams (both literal and figurative), her Biggie Smalls’ cover, and why she sometimes describes her music as “symphonic folktronic fantasy.”


We’re running low on web space here at the Space, so some of our older/longer interviews have been taken down. But don’t despair! If you want to hear one of the interviews below, shoot us an email and we’ll put it up for your listening pleasure.

  • Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – DJ Rachel D, host of No Coast of Nebraska, chats with Owen Ashworth of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.
  • Rachel Goodrich – Miami-based musician Goodrich discussed her new album “Tinker Toys” and drank orange soda with Asst. Promotions Director Lilly Estenson at SXSW in March 2009. And yes, if you were wondering, that is indeed SXSW-induced craziness going on in the background. This interview took place in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Austin, TX.

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