KSPC Charts For The Week Of December 3, 2001

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KSPC Top 35
Rank Artist Title Label
1Katie the Pest Rhythm and Wait Self-Released 
2Electric Eels The Eyeball of Hell Scat 
3Radio Berlin The Selection Drone Your Best Guess 
4Les Savy Fav Go Forth French Kiss 
5Heavenly Heavenly Versus Satan 
6Soeza Founded by Sportsmen and Outlaws Prohibited 
7Various Artists Better than the Beatles: A Tribute to the Shags Animal World 
8Lost Sounds Black-Wave Empty U.S. 
9Spits, the s/t Nickel and Dime 
10Saturnine Pleasure of Ruins Motorcoat 
11Various Artists There is no Eye: Music for Photographs Smithsonian Folkways 
12Assistant, the s/t Milligram 
13Black Lipstick The Four Kingdoms of... Peek-a-Boo Industries 
14Goddamn Gentlemen Sex-Caliber Horsepower Upper Cut 
15Glider With Ocean Between Where Are My Records 
16Converge Jane Doe Equal Vision 
17Glass Candy and the Shattered Theater Smashed Candy Self-Released 
18Liars They Threw Us All in a Trench... Gern Blandsten 
19Last Great Liar, the Doppelganger Baghead 
20Various Artists Dj Food: Solid Steel!- Now Listen! Ninja Tune 
21Various Artists Friday at the Hideout: Boss Detroit Garage 1964-67 Norton 
22Heroin Sheiks Best Enemies/Oucha Rubric 
23Phiiliip Pet Cancer American Patchwork 
24Seaworthy The Ride Jetset 
25Wontons Hex Appeal Bloddy Banner 
26Cinerama Health and Efficiency Manifesto 
27Jackie-O Motherfucker Liberation Roadcone 
28Various Artists State of the Union 200.1 Electronic Music Foundation 
29I Hate Myself 10 Songs No Idea 
30Red Monkey Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot Troubleman 
31Four Tet Pause Domino 
32Mangum, Jeff Live at Jittery Joe's Orange Twin 
33Various Artist Mutated Christmas Illegal Art 
34Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Grand Opening and Closing Seeland-Chaosophy 
35Ape Has Killed Ape/Michael Whitmore split cd True Classical 

KSPC Hip-Hop Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Blackalicious Make You Feel That Way MCA 
2Defari Bionic 2 ABB 
3Dilated Peoples Expansion Team Capitol 
4De La Soul Baby Phat Tommy Boy 
5Ghostface Killah Bulletproof Wallets Planet Asia 
6Planet Asia Pure Coke Interscope 
7Wu-Tang Clan Pinky Ring Loud 
8Masta Ace Disposable Arts JCOR 
9Coup Party Music 75 Ark 
10Celph Titled Right Now Bronx Science 

KSPC World Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1June Tabor Rosa Mundi Green Linnet 
2A.R. Rahman Mondo India Mondo Melodia 
3Anoushka Shankar Live @ Carnegie Hall Angel 
4Shabaz s/t Mondo Melodia 
5Sheila Chandra The Struggle Narada World 
6The Dining Rooms Numero Deux Guidance 
7Bebel Gilberto Tanto Tempo Remixes Six Degrees 
8Eastern Dub Tactik Blood is Shining Waveform 
9Vas In the Garden of Souls Narada World 
10Marisa Monte Memories, Chronicles and Declarations of Love Metro Blue 

KSPC Jazz Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Henry Threadgill's Zooid Up Popped thw Two Lips Pi 
2Paul Flaherty/Chris Corano The Hated Music Ecstatic Yod 
3Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath Tavelling Somewhere Cuneiform 
4Sex Mob Sex Mob does Bond Rope-a-Dope 
5Ellery Eskelin Vanishing Point Hatology 
6Henry Threadgill Everybodys Mouth's A Book Pi 
7John Law Quartet Abacus Hatology 
8Trio X On Tour...Toronto/Rochester Cadence Jazz 
9Rashid Bakr Quintet Earth Native Majic 
10Bobby Broom Stand! Premonition 

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Electric Eels The Eyeball of Hell Scat 
2Assistant, the  s/t Milligram 
3Converge Jane Doe Equal Vision 
4Last Great Liar Doppelganger Baghead 
5Heroine Sheiks Best Enemies/Oucha Rubric 
6I Hate Myself 10 Songs No Idea 
7Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Grand Opening and Closing Seeland-Chaosphy 
8Cavity On the Lam Hydra Head 
9Under a Dying Sun When Walls are Built City Boot 
10From Autumn to Ashes Too Bad You're Beautiful Ferret 

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