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KSPC Claremont strives to be a diverse, collaborative, and educational space in which community members of the Claremont Colleges and beyond can participate in their love of media, music, and radio. Through creative programming, live events, and community engagement, KSPC promotes innovation and discovery by providing a platform for new and underrepresented voices, perspectives, and sounds. We aim to hold all artists played on air to the highest standards of respect and inclusivity.

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The Black Box Is Broken
The Black Box is Broken: The Modern Critique of the Grammys
Larry The Fox 1
In Memoriam: Larry the Fox
Larry In The Studio E1607057833169
Remembering Larry the Fox: Wal, host of Bop, Drop & Roll
A Zoom Call With Five People Whose Heads Are Multicolored Roses With Googly Eyes
Our Summer Roses, Buds and Thorns
A Spin Painting With Many Colors Exploding Outwards From The Center
Fire up your Fridays: The Weekend Warmup with DJ Hannah