KSPC Charts For The Week Of February 4, 2002

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KSPC Top 35
Rank Artist Title Label
1Hives, The Main Offender Big Wheel Recreation 
2Mates of State Our Constant Concern Polyvinyl 
3Vogue, The As Brass And Satin Made In Mexico 
4Stratford 4 The Revolt Against Tired Noise Jetset 
5SyZyGys Eyes On Green Tzadik 
6Various Artists Flying Side Kick Broken Rekids 
7Destroy All Nels Cline s/t Atavistic 
8Bitesize Sophomore Slump Packing Heat! 
9Chalk Black Box Broken Deary Me 
10Herman Dune Turn Off The Light Prohibited 
11Rubber City Rebels Re-Tired White Noise 
12Champagne Kiss Dancing In The Pockets of Thieves  
13Centr-o-matic Distance And Clime Idol 
14Dishes, The s/t Glazed 
15Mutants Fun Terminal White Noise 
16Young Canadians Joyride On The Western Front White Noise 
17Various Artists Friday At The Hideout Norton 
18Chromatics s/t 7" Hand Held Heart 
19Slim Cessna's Auto Club s/t Alternative Tentacles 
20Mensen Stand Up for Yourself Wrench 
21Lassie Foundation, The/Duraluxe I Duel Sioux And The Ale of Saturn Grand Theft Autumn 
22Andalusia Such A Heavenly Eyesore Kitchenwhore/Skyscraping 
23Phoenicia Odd Job Description Schematic 
24Tower Recordings Folkscene Communion 
25Detachment Kit, The Attacks On Brighter America Self-Starter Foundation 
26Mandell, Eleni Turn On The Lights 7" Heart of A Champion 
27Bonobo Animal Magic Ninja Tune 
28Spokane The Proud Graduates Jagjaguwar 
29Western Expanse s/t self-released 
30Otto Von Schirach Escalo Frio Schematic 
31Butchies Where R We 7" Mr. Lady 
32Massacre Meltdown Tzadik 
33Soiled Doves s/t 7" King of The Monsters 
34Sonna We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight Temporary Residence 
35Nad Navillus Show Your Face Jagjaguwar 

KSPC World Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Paris Combo Living-Room Tinder 
2Various Artists Samba Bossa Nova Putumayo 
3Simon Shaheen & Qantara Blue Flame Ark 21 
4Euphoria Beautiful My Child Six Degrees 
5A.R. Rahman Mondo India Mondo Melodia 
6The Dining Rooms Numero Deux Guidance 
7Lila Downs La Linea Narada World 
8Gilberto Gil & Milton Nascimento Gil & Milton Atlantic 
9Moreno Veloso+2 Music Typewriter Hannibal 
10Angelique Kidjo Keep On Moving, The Best of Wrasse Records 

KSPC Jazz Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Yaphet Kotto Syncopated Synthetic Laments for Love Ebullition 
2Bleeding Kansas Giving Emo Something To Cry About self-released 
3Quest for Quintana Roo s/t New Disorder 
4Envy All The Fingerprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead HG Fact/Dimmak 
5Ninja Death Squad Appreciate Our Art Heartcore 
6Various Artists U.S. Pop Life Vol. 12, Tribute To Fort Thunder Contact 
7Ruins Mandala 2000 Live At Kichijoji Mandala II Tzadik 
8This Machine Kills On The Move 7" El Grito/Coalition 
9Most Precious Blood Nothing In Vain Trustkill 
10Sentimientos Oprimidos/Dirties split 7" El Grito 

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