KSPC Charts For The Week Of March 4, 2002

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KSPC Top 35
Rank Artist Title Label
1Clinic Walking With Thee Domino 
2Infinite X's, The s/t Chainsaw 
3AUM Rifle, The Dust & White Sky Jesus' Open Casket 
490 Day Men To Everybody Southern 
5Manifolds/DC Special split CD Needles And Pins 
6Bevis Frond Triptych Rubric 
7Felix Da Housecat Kittenz And The Glitz Emperor Norton 
8Xiu Xiu Knife Play 5 Rue Christine 
9White Collar Crime Their Laws Are Dimwit Greed Soft Skull 
10Gasoline Take It To The People Estrus 
11Alastair Galbraith and Matt de Gennaro Long Wires in Dark Museums Emperor Jones 
12ABCs s/t Troubleman Unlimited 
13Larsen Rever Young God 
14Quails, the We Are the Quails Inconvenient 
15Hex Error s/t Self-Released 
16David Kilgour A Feather in the Engine Merge 
17Electrelane Rock it to the Moon Mr. Lady 
18Desapercidos Read Music/Speak Spanish Saddle-Creek 
19Arkham s/t Cuneiform 
20Lewd, the The Lewd Live at the Mabuhay Subterranean/Vampir 
21Rube Waddell Bound for the Gates of Hell Vaccination 
22Phantasm Wreckage Deep Six 
23Sean Na Na My Majesty French Kiss 
24Various Artists Estrus Double Dyn-o-mite Sampler Vol. 3 Estrus 
25Kill Me Tomorrow Chrome Mellow Silvergirl 
26Mirah Cold Cold Water 7" 
27Various Artists Grazing in the Trash Vol. 2 Soul Fire 
28Various Artists Compilation: Information Imperial 
29Saturday People s/t Slumberland 
30Elders of Zion Dawn Refuses to Rise Incidental Music 
31New Flesh Understanding Ninja Tune 
32Planck Length s/t Self-Released 
33Lords of Altamont To Hell With the Lords Sympathy for the Record Industry 
34Gliss s/t Bilawn 
35Okkervil River Don't Fall in Love with Everyone Jagjaguwar 

KSPC World Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Issa Bagayogo Timbuktu Six Degrees 
2Tulku A Universe to Come New Earth 
3Paris Combo Living-Room Tinder 
4Various Artists Desert Roses 2 Mondo Melodia 
5Various Artists Zen & the Art of Chilling Vol. 1 Mondo Melodia 
6Lumin Hadra World Class 
7Lila Downs Border Narada World 
8Bongo Maffin Bongolution Sony Music 
9Various Artists Samba Bossa Nova Putumayo 
10The Dining Rooms Numero Deux Guidance 

KSPC Jazz Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Goodheart Allen Powell Trio I Can Climb a Tree, I Can Tie a Knot, I Can have a Conversation Road Cone 
2Matthew Shipp Nu Bop Thirsty Ear 
3Kali Fasteau Vivid Flying Note 
4Loescher Trio  Distance eXp 
5Mujician Spactime Cuneiform 
6Myra Melford Trio Alive in the House of Saints Hat Hut 
7Bruce Eisenbeil Opium CIMP 
8Henry Threadgill's Zooid Up Popped Two Lips PI 
9Various Artists Cimposium Vol. 10 CIMP 
10Curlew Meet the Curlews Cuneiform 

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Racebannon In the Grips of the Light Secretly Canadian 
2Phantasm Wreckage Deep Six 
3Asterisk/Jenny Piccolo split 10" Three One G 
4Cancer Conspiracy s/t So Good Music 
5Yaphet Kotto Syncopated Synthetic Laments for Love Ebullition 
6Walken r.02 The New Manerism Deep Six 
7Karp Action Chemistry Punk in my Vitamins? 
8Nine Shocks Terror Paying Ohmage Sound Pollution 
9Jackson 9 Tales of Sleepy Holloworld Featuring Garry Coleman as the Voice of the Headless Horseman Self-Released 
10Poison the Well Tear from the Red Trustkill 

KSPC Modern Composition Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Rene Eckhardt Tribute 2000 Radio Netherlands 
2Stravinsky The American Chamber Players Koch International 
3Penderecki Clarinet Quartet, String Trio CPO 
4Evan Ziporyn This is not a clarinet. Canteloupe 
5Kronos Quartet Early Music Nonesuch 
6Yves Daoust Anecdotes Empreintes Digitales 
7Music from SEAMUS vol. 5 Society for Electro-Acoustic Music SEAMUS 
8Kashkashian, Levin Hindemith Viola Sonatas ECM New Series 
9Crumb The Crumb Edition vol. 5 Bridge 
10Feldman, Courvoisier Music for Violin and Piano Avant 

KSPC Hip-Hop Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1X-Ecutioners Built From Scratch LP Loud 
2Blackalicious Make You Feel That Way b/w Paragraph President 12" MCA 
3Aesop Rock Daylight 12" Def Jux 
4Rise BKNY b/w I Know 12" Results Period 
5Subterraneous Presents Waterworld Too LP Subterraneous 
6Slum Village Tainted b/w Get Live 12" 
7Illuminatives Birth of a New Beginning Independent 
8Herbaliser Verbal Anime 12" Ninja Tune 
9De La Soul AOI 2: Bionix LP Tommy Boy 
10Procussions All that it Takes 12" Procussions 

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