KSPC Charts For The Week Of April 8, 2002

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KSPC Top 35
Rank Artist Title Label
1Blood Brothers, The March On Electric Children! Three One G 
2Blectum From Blechdom The Messy Jesse Fiesta Deluxe 
3Hella Hold Your Horse Is 5 Rue Christine 
4Reds, The It's About Time Rip-Off 
5Aesthetics, The Off Mental Telemetry 
6Miss Kittin And The Hacker First Album Emperor Norton 
7Soledad Brothers Steal You Souland Dare Your Spirit To Move Estrus 
8Radio 4 Gotham Gern Blandsten 
9Cuts s/t self-released 
10Le Tigre Remix 12" Mr. Lady 
11Euphone The Lakewood Bubblecore 
12V for Vendetta Behind This Mask Another Mask Mr. Lady 
13Deerhoof Halfbird Menlo Park 
14Engine Down Demure Lovitt 
15Roots of Orchis, The Some Things Plural Slowdance 
16Gizmos, The 1975-1977 Demos And Rehersals Gulcher 
17Infidel?/Castro! Case Studies In Bioentropy self-released 
18Coachwhips Hands On The Controls Black Apple 
19Zodiac Killers Have A Blast Rip Off 
20To Live And Shave In LA The WIGMAKER In Eighteenth Century Williamsburg Menlo Park 
21Various Artists Independent Sounds: Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. 3 Hip-Hop Slam/Amoeba 
22Lassie Foundation, The El Dorado Arisette 
23Lieutenant Disaster Adrenaline Test Suit We're Twins 
24Poundsign Underneath The Marquee Fantastic 
25Luc LeDuc Sex LP Below 
26Orthrelm Iorxhscimtor Tolloita 
27DJ/Rupture Nettlephonics Soot 
28Racebannon In The Grips of The Light Secretly Canadian 
29Pines of Nowhere s/t 7" Level Plane 
30Lambchop Is A Woman Merge 
31Sciflyer s/t self-released 
32All Girl Summer Fun Band s/t 
33Panthers  Are You Down?? Troubleman Unlimited 
34Chicago Underground Duo Axis And Alignment Thrill Jockey 
35Lopez, Francisco Untitled #123 Alien8 

KSPC World Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Various Artists World Lounge Putumayo 
2Paris Combo Attraction Ark 21 
3Omar Sosa Sentir Ota' 
4Oojami Bellydancing Breakbeats Mondo Melodia 
5Omar Faruk Tekbilek Alif Narada World 
6Ziroq Ziroq Triloka 
7Issa Bagayogo Timbuktu Six Degrees 
8Oliver Mtukudzi Vhunze Moto Putumayo 
9June Tabor Rosa Mundi  Green Linnet 
10Susana Baca Eco De Sombras Luka Bop 

KSPC Jazz Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Chicago Underground Trio Axis And Alignment Thrill Jockey 
2Spirit Preface To God Edgetone 
3Curlew Meet The Curlews Cuneiform 
4Loescher Trio Distance eXp 
5Kali Fasteau Vivid  Flying Noise 
6Mujician Spacetime Cuneiform 
7Myra Melford Trio Alive In The House of Saints Hat Hut 
8John Abercrombie Cat 'n' Mouse ECM 
9Bruce Eisenbeil Opium CIMP 
10Matthew Ship Nu Bop Thirsty Ear 

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Blood Brothers, The March On Electric Children! Three One G 
2Reds, The It's About Time Rip-Off 
3Aesthetics Off Mental Telemetry 
4Cuts s/t self-released 
5Deerhoof Halfbird Menlo Park 
6Infidel?/Castro! Case Studies In Bioentropy self-released 
7Coachwhips Hands On The Controls Black Apple 
8To Live And Shave In LA The WIGMAKER In Eighteenth Century Williamsburg Menlo Park 
9Orthrelm Iorxhscimtor Tolloita 
10Racebannon In The Grips of The Light Secretly Canadian 

KSPC Modern Composition Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Guibaidulina Offertorium DG 
2Elliot Carter Music of Carter, Vol. 4 Bridge Records 
3Berg Chamber Concerto, 4 Pieces for Clarinet And Piano DG 20th C. Classics 
4Rene Eckhardt Tribute 2000 Radio Netherlands 
5Penderecki Clarient Quartet, String Trio CPO 
6Janacek, Smetana Quartet String Quartets Supraphon 
7George Crumb Song Drones And Refrains of Death Bridge  
8Hans Tutschku Moment Empreintes Digitales 
9Bartok, Emerson Quartet 6 String Quartetes Deutsche Grammophon 
10Lutoslawski, Penderecki,Cage, Mayuzumi String Quartets DG 20th C. Classics 

KSPC Hip-Hop Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1J-Live All of The Above LP Coup D'Etat 
2X-Ecutioners Built From Scratch LP Loud 
3High & Mighty Air Force 1 EP Eastern Conference 
4Lone Catalysts The Catalysts Flies LP B.U.K.A. 
5Illuminatives Birth of A New Beginning Independent 
6D-Tension Contacts + Contracts LP Brick 
7Subterreaneous Presents Waterworld Too Subterraneous 
8Dilated Peoples Expansion Team LP Capitol 
9Various Artists Strategic Infiltration EP Insomniac 
10Wu-Tang Clan Iron Flag LP Loud 

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