KSPC Charts For The Week Of February 24, 2004

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KSPC Top 35
Rank Artist Title Label
1Seksu Roba Pleasure Vibrations Eenie Meenie 
2Shy Child Humanity EP Grenadine 
3Irving I Hope You're Feeling Better Now Eenie Meenie 
4Coachwhips Bangers vs. Fuckers Dance Floor Bathroom 
5Former Friend Bill Self-Released 
6The King Cobra Self-Titled Troubleman Unlimited 
7Jel  10 Seconds Mush 
8Skywave Synthstatic Blisscent 
9Young and Sexy Life Through One Speaker Mint 
10I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Self-Titled Emperor Jones 
11The Minders The Future's Always Perfect Future Famer 
12The Books Lemon Of Pink Tomlab 
13Cansecos Self-Titled Upperclass 
14Her Space Holiday The Young Machines Mush 
15Adventure Time Dreams of Water Themes Plug Research 
16The Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? Alien 8 
17Diverse One A.M. Chocolate Industries 
18The Proles Index Americans Are Coming 
19Frenemies Friendship Self-Released 
20Old Bombs Audios Soft Abuse 
21Secret Mommy Mammal Class Orthlorng Musak 
22Cosmic Mind Flight Crack:We Are Rock Tigerbeat6 
23Castle Oldchair Sad Pants Standard Recording Company 
24Weevie Nighty Night Stoic 
25Feller Quentin Cat In A Tree With A Mouse In Its Teeth Quellus 
26The Fuse The Fisherman's Wife In The Red 
27Via Tania Boltanski EP Chocolate Industries 
28Beam Self-Titled Antenna Farm 
29Soul Junk 1958 Sounda Are Active Sounds Familiar 
30Oakley Hall Self-Titled Bulb 
31Nervous Cop Self-Titled 5RC 
32Sluta Leta Semi Peterson Mego 
33Just A Fire Light Up Asian Man 
34Carte Blanche Summer's End EP Shmat 
35Bunky/Liz James/Castanets Split CD Self-Released 

KSPC World Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Judith Grabner Judith, Do You Self-Produced 
2Mirginia Rodrigues Mares Profundos Natasha Records 
3Paco De Lucia Cositas Buenos Blue Thumb 
4Grazyna Auguscik Past Forward GMA 
5Various Rough Guide To African Rap World Music Network 
6Oscuro Oscuro Pascal Records 
7Various French CAfe Putumayo 
8Rosalia De Souza Garota Moderna Avatar 
9Twist Of Lime The Aqua Lounge Self-Produced 
10Various Rough Guide To The Music Of China World Music Network 

KSPC Jazz Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label

KSPC Modern Composition Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Akchote/Auzet/Ferrari Micro-Impro-Acoustique Blue Chopsticks 
2Various Spire: Organ Works Past, Present and Future Touch 
3Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet 13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic pfMentum 
4dIsturbances freq_out [0-infinity Hz] Ash International 
5Leif Elggren Virulent Images - Virulent Sounds Fireworks Edition 
6Carolyn Yarnell Sonic Vision Tzadik 
7Onna Kodomo Hypnosis Self-Released 
8Ake Parmerud Jeu d'ombres Empreintes Digitales 
9Sylvie Courvoisier Abaton ECM New Series 
10Auditem Concert for Detuned Piano Acidsoxx Musicks 

Rank Artist Title Label
1Old Bombs Audios Soft Abuse 
2Secret Mommy Mammal Class Orthlorng Musork 
3Sluta Leta Semi Peterson Mego 
4Novel 23 Architectual Effects Bip Hop 
5Various Dosage Merck 
6Richard Devine Asect:Dsect Schematic/Asphodel 
7Vitaminsforyou I'm Sorry Forever And For Always Intr_Version 
8Various Winter 2002-03 Notenuf 
9Various Belio:CD:War Hymen 
10Pimmon Snaps*Crackles*Pops Tigerbeat6 

KSPC Hip-Hop Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Kayne West College Dropout LP Rocafella 
2Tony Touch The Piecemaker 2 LP Koch/In The Paint 
3Chops Virtuosity LP Goodvibe 
4Dialated Peoples This Way 12'' Capitol 
5Royce The 5'9'' Death Is Certain LP Koch 
6Non-Phixion Caught Between Both Worlds 12'' Uncle Howie 
7Kno of Cunninlynguists and Jay-Z Kno Vs. How: The White Album No Label 
8Dr. Oop 9 2 5 12'' Basement 
9Samson and Sejour Rock, Rock Y'all 12'' Hi-Rise 
10Halftooth Records Presents You Don't Know The Half LP Halftooth 

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Shy Child The Humanity EP Grenadine 
2Coachwhips Bangers vs. Fuckers Dancefloor Bathroom 
3The King Cobra Self-Titled Troubleman Unlimited 
4The Fuse The Fisherman's Wife In The Red 
5Soul Junk 1958 Sounds Are Active Sounds Familiar 
6Nervous Cop Self-Titled 5RC 
7Just A Fire Light Up Asian Man 
8VCR Self-Titled Self-Released 
9Dirtbombs Dangerous Magical Noise In The Red 
10The Dishes File 13 

KSPC Americana Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Oakley Hall Self-Titled Bulb 
2Paul Curreri Soungs For Devon Sproule City Salvage 
3Buttless Chaps Love This Time Mint 
4Trachtenburg Family Players Vintage Slide Collection Vol.1 Bar None 
5Kingsbury Manx Aztec Disciple Overcoat 
6Carla Bozulich Red Headed Stranger Di Cristina 
7The Frames Roads Outgrown Overcoat 
8Graham Lindsay Famous Anonymous Wilderness Catamount 
9Various Classic Blues Vol. 2 Smithsonian Folkways 
10William Elliot Whitmore Hymns For The Hopeess Southern 

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