KSPC Charts For The Week Of August 2, 2004

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KSPC Top 30
Rank Artist Title Label
1The Clientele The Adrian EP Acuarela  
2Headset Space Settings Plug Research 
3Bardo Pond + Tom Carter 4/23/03 Three-Lobed 
4Bill Horist Lyric/Suite Accretions 
5GutBucket Dry Humping the American Dream Cantaloupe 
6Tracy + The Plastics Culture for Pigeon Troubleman Unlimited 
7Gift of Gab Fourth-Dimensional Rocketships Going Up Quannum 
8Secret Mommy Hawaii 5.0 Ache 
9Nina Nastasia Dogs Touch and Go 
10Various Artists Homemade Hits vol.1 Kittridge 
11Grey Day Eggs Grey Day Eggs Grey Day Eggs 
12Eleni Mandell Afternoon Zedtone 
13Pencilgrass Pencilgrass EP Pencilgrass 
14Adult/Dirtbombs Split/Split/Split 7" Ersatz Audio 
15Salvatore Tempo Racing Junior 
16Various Artists Homework #10 Hyped to Death 
17Vladislav Delay Demo(n) Tracks Huume 
18The Fall The Real New Fall LP Narnack 
19Sunshine Fix Green Imagination SpinArt 
20Dead Moon Dead Ahead Music Maniac 
21Tiger Saw Gimme Danger/Gimme Sweetness Kimchee 
22Pan American Quiet City Kranky 
23the Hells The Hells Art Rocker 
24Dr Mix and the Remix Wall of Noise Acute 
25Metalux Waiting for Armadillo Load 
26Boom Box 2000 Hits and Giggles Orange Twin 
27Kim Hiorthoy Live Shet Small Town Supersound 
28New Black New Black Thick Records 
29Atomic 7 En Hillbilly Caliente Mint 
30The Vibration Ear To The Ground BC 

KSPC World Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1Mum Please Smile My Noise Bleed Morr Music 
2Juana Molina Tres Cosas Domino 
3Bebel Gilberto Bebel Gilberto Six Degrees 
4Vas Feast of Silence Narada World 
5Afro Celt Sound System POD Real World 
6Various Artists Brizzi Do Brasil Amiata 
7Anoushka Shankar Anourag Angel Classical 
8Bjork Post Live One Little Indian 
9Various Artists Rough Guide to Brazilian Electronica World Music Network 
10Various Artists Paris Fetiche Sunnyside 

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