KSPC Charts For The Week Of February 26, 2007

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KSPC Top 30
Rank Artist Title Label
1 BARR Summary 5RC
2 Do Make Say Think You, You're a History in Rust Constellation
3 Menomena Friend and Foe Barsuk
4 The Dead Bodies Mr. Spookhouse's Pink House Quite Scientific
5 Woods At Rear House Shrimper
6 A Hawk and a Hacksaw The Way the Wind Blows Leaf
7 Alias and Tarsier Plane that Draws a White Line Anticon
8 Anagram Now the Lights Went Up Scenery
9 Andrew Jackson Jihad REvolutionary but Gangsta Self Released
10 Black Swans Sex Brain Bwatue Records
11 Malajube Trompe L'oeil
12 Nurse and Soldier Marginalia Brat
13 Rotary Downs Rookery Records Chained to the Chariot
14 Susan Christie Paint a Lady B Music
15 The Build Self Titled Training Wheel Genre
16 Adam Lipman Feathered Palm Trees Folktale REcords
17 Essie Jain We Made This Ourselves BaDaBing
18 Violins Pink Water Contraphonic
19 Evens Get Evens Dischord
20 Feathers Synchromy EP Hometapes
21 Jesu Conqueror Hydra Head
22 Tortoise A Lazarus Taxon Thrill Jockey
23 Alexis Gideon Welcome Song Sickroom
24 Beach House Self Titled Carpark
25 Berg Sans Nipple Along the Quai Team Love
26 Call me Lightning Soft Skeletong French Kiss
27 Create A Prospect of Freedom Sounds Are Active
28 Flaspar Double Trouble Natrix Natrix
29 Fujiya and Miyagi Transparent Things Deaf Dumb Blind
30 Sharp Ease Remain Instant Ol Factory

KSPC Hip Hop Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1 DJ Jazzy Jeff Hip Hop Forever III Compilation Rapster
2 Common Market S/T Mass Line Media
3 Sol.Illaquists of Sound As If We Existed Anti
4 Strange Fruit Project The Healing Om
5 Crash Test Taurus The Name is an Anagram AcidSoxx Musicks
6 Lyrics Born Live! Overnite Encore Quannum
7 Hi-Tek Hi-Teknology 2 Babygrande
8 Oh No Exodus into Unheard Rhythms Stones Throw
9 Jedi Mind Tricks Servants of Heaven, Kings in Hell Babygrande
10 Aloe Blacc Shine Through Stones Throw

KSPC Electronic/RPM Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1 Flying Lotus 1983 Plug research
2 Smash TV Yellow Asteroids Bpitch Control
3 Crash Test Taurus The Name is an Anagram Acidsoxx
4 The Berg Sans Nipple Along the Quai Love Note
5 Larsson Automat Bpitch Control
6 Shout Out Out Out Out Not Saying Just Saying Normals
7 T. Raumschmiere Random Noize Sessions Vol. 1 Shitkapult
8 Mika Sasaski Return of Sasakisan Powershovel Audio
9 V/A Baby Godzilla Daly City
10 Blotnik Brothers Mizusage Satamile

KSPC World Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1 Rough Guide to Salsa Dura NYC Various Artists World Music Netowrk
2 The Gypsy Kings Pasajero Nonesuch
3 Caetano Veloso Ce Nonesuch
4 Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective Watina Cumbancha
5 Eden Mi Quedem Eden Mi Quedem Self Released
6 Bjork Drawing Restraint Nine One Little Indian
7 Rough Guide to Yodel Various Artists World Music Network
8 Gustavo Santaolalla Babel Soundtrack Concord
9 Antibalas Security Anti
10 Bombay Connection vol. 1 Various Artists Essay

KSPC Americana Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1 Homestead & Wolfe Our Times Anophiles
2 Joe Carter That Ain't Right Delmark
3 Zac Harmon The Blues According to Zacariah Bluestone
4 Nora Lee King Classic Blues Smithsonian Folkways
5 Pink Anderson Classic African-American Ballads Simthsonian Folkways
6 Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul Columbia
7 Woodie Guthrie Classic Labor Songs Smithsonian Folkways
8 Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite: the Soundtrack Reprise
9 Bessie Smith The Bessie Smith Story Columbia
10 A Hawk and a Hacksaw Darkness at Noon Leaf

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10
Rank Artist Title Label
1 Mika Miko CYSLABF Kill Rock Stars
2 End of a Year Sincerely Revelation
3 Liars Drums not Dead Mute
4 The Bloody Hollies If Footment Tire You Alive
5 Bipolar Bear Man Mountain Deleted ARt
6 Evangelicals So Gone Misra
7 Plot to Blow UP the Eiffel Tower Inri Art Fag
8 Fleshies Scrape the Walls Alternative Tentacles
9 Cursive Dorothy at 40 ep Saddle Creek
10 John Wilkes Booze Telescopic eyes Glare the Future Sick Kill Rock Stars

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