KSPC Charts For The Week Of June 30th, 2008
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KSPC Top 30

1 Dosh Wolves and Wishes (Anticon)
2 Health HEALTH//DISCO (Lovepump United)
3 Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes (Sub Pop)
4 The Notwist "The Devil, You and Me" (Domino)
5 Warmer Milks Soft Walks (Animal Disguise )
6 Detroit Cobras The Original Recordings: Singles and Unreleased 1995-97 (Munster)
7 The Black Box Revelation Set Your Head On Fire (Beverly Martel)
8 Faun Fables A Table Forgotten (Drag City)
9 War On Drugs Wagonwheel Blues (Secretly Canadian)
10 Pepi Ginsberg Red (Park the Van)
11 Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea" (Drag City)
12 Odd Nosdam Pretty Swell Explode (Anticon)
13 The Lines Memory Span (Acute)
14 Mixel Pixel Let's Be Friends (Mental Monkey)
15 Hercules and Love Affair Hercules and Love Affair (Mute)
16 V/A Rainbow Destroyer Vol. 1 (Self-released)
17 Subtle Exiting ARM (Lex)
18 No Age Nouns (Sub Pop)
19 Mr. Gnome Deliver This Creature (El Marko Records)
20 The Breeders Mountain Battles (4AD)
21 Animal Collective Water Curses EP (Domino)
22 Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing (ATP)
23 Horrors of Toledo Horrors of Toledo EP (Self-released)
24 Miwa Gemini This Is How I Found You (Rock Park/Addictive)
25 The Better Beatles Mercy Beat (Hook or Crook)
26 Duke Spirit Neptune (Shangri-la)
27 Magic Johnson Telenovelas (olFactory)
28 Princeton Bloomsbury EP (Self-released)
29 Factums Spells and Charms (Kill Shaman)
30 Frustration Relax (Born Bad)

KSPC Hip Hop Top 10

1 Lyrics Born Everywhere At Once (Anti)
2 Braille The IV Edition (Syntax)
3 Guru Jazzmatazz: The Timebomb - Back To The Future (7 Grand)
4 Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir Delicious Gutter (Delicious Vinyl)
5 Food for Animals Belly (Hoss)
6 Santogold Creator/L.E.S. Artistes (Downtown/Lizardking)
7 Just Jack Overtones (TVT)
8 Flobots Fight With Tools (Massive Music)
9 Atmosphere When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (Rhymesayers)
10 Dizzee Rascal Maths + English (Definitive Jux)

KSPC Electronic/RPM Top 10

1 Health HEALTH//DISCO (Lovepump United)
2 Odd Nosdam Pretty Swell Explode (Anticon)
3 Hercules and Love Affair Hercules and Love Affair (Mute)
4 Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing (ATP)
5 Daedelus Make It So (Ninja Tune)
6 Tape Luminarium (Hapna)
7 Four Tet Ringer (Domino)
8 Lowfish Burn the Lights Out (Satamile)
9 Burial Untrue (Hyperdub)
10 Bogdan Raczynski Alright! (Rephlex)

KSPC World Top 10

1 Dengue Fever Venus on Earth (M80)
2 Nation Beat Legends of the Preacher (Modiba)
3 Amos Hoffman Evolution (Razdaz/Sunnyside)
4 Son de la Frontera Son de la Frontera (World Village)
5 V/A Sound Neighbors: Contemporary Music in Northern Island (Smithsonian Folkways)
6 Sonantes Sonantes (Six Degrees)
7 V/A Putumayo Presents: Euro Groove (Putumayo)
8 Proyecto Tacos Sabor Tropico (Samdo Rana)
9 Terry Linen Give Thanks & Praise (Rockers Island)
10 La India Canela Meringue Tipico from the Dominican Republic (Smithsonian Folkways)

KSPC Jazz Top 10

1 Miles Davis Muted Miles (Prestige)
2 Dawn Lambeth Let's Get Lost (Spanish Shawl Music)
3 Dave Corbus Sounddown (Jazzed Media)
4 Sabertooth Dr. Midnight (Delmark)
5 Holly Cole Holly Cole (Koch)
6 Sun Ra Some Blues But Not the Kind That's Blue (Atavistic)
7 Kristin Korb Why Can't You Behave (Double K)
8 Pamela Hines Trio Return (Spice Rack)
9 Clay Jenkins Blue State (Jazz Compass)
10 Big Papa and the TCB Nice 'n' Greasy (Dream Pickle)

KSPC Americana Top 10

1 Pepi Ginsberg Red (Park the Van)
2 The Devil Makes Three The Devil Makes Three (Milan)
3 Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea" (Drag City)
4 Drakkar Sauna Wars and Tornadoes (Marriage)
5 Samuel James Songs Famed for Sorrow and Joy (Northern Blues)
6 Joshua Marcus Reverse The Charges (Contraphonic)
7 "Bonnie ""Prince"" Billy" Lie Down in the Light (Drag City)
8 Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles (Kemado)
9 Nik Freitas Sun Down (Team Love)
10 Jason Anderson The Hopeful and Unafraid (K)

KSPC Loud Rock Top 10

1 Children of Bodom Blood Drunk (Spinefarm)
2 "Mychildren, Mybride" Unbreakable (Solid State)
3 Opeth Watershed (Roadrunner)
4 Sworn Enemy Manaical (Century Media)
5 Frustration Relax (Born Bad)
6 Night Marchers See You In Magic (Vagrant)
7 Modey Lemon Season of Sweets (Birdman)
8 The Sword Gods of the Earth (Kemado)
9 Russian Circles Station (Suicide Squeeze)
10 Your Highness Electric The Grand Hooded Phantom (Longhair Illuminati)

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