Music Submissions

md office

So you want to submit your music to KSPC. Well, you’ve come to the right place! We welcome music submissions for airplay from artists from all genres, and submitting your album, EP, or demo to KSPC is completely free! Submitting your music to KSPC is easy as long as you follow these rules:


o Please DO send digital music submissions to md @ and either attach the files or link to a cloud storage site from which we can download the music.

o Please DO NOT submit music for airplay through streaming sites like Youtube/Soundcloud unless the site that you send us includes a method for downloading your material as well.

o Please DO NOT send iTunes/Spotify links!

o Please DO NOT send singles.


Please send CDs and records (but no singles, please!) to:

Pomona College
o Attn: Music Director
Thatcher Music Building
340 N. College Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

· Regretfully, we are unable to accept cassette submissions. We love the format, but it is too difficult for DJs to cue during a radio show.

· KSPC is a noncommercial station and does not accept payment in exchange for airplay, so please do not contact us with pay-for-play inquiries.

Good luck and keep listening to KSPC to see if you’re on the air!

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