SHOW REVIEW: of Montreal & Janelle Monŗe at the Hollywood Palladium 10/30/2010

Instead of spending this Halloween in the ITS parking structure grinding to some random mash up artist and drinking vodka out of a hidden flask, I drove out to Hollywood with some friends and saw my all-time favorite band play an incredibly epic show. How’s that for a change of plans?

Of Montreal announced their tour with Janelle Monŗe over the summer and I was stoked to see a Los Angeles date. Iíve seen the band play every show that theyíve played within a 50 mile radius of me since my sophomore year of high school, the majority of them being in NYC. It also wasnít the first time Iíve seen Janelle. In fact, Iíve accidently witnessed her show 3 times prior, as she randomly opened up for a bunch of shows Iíve seen over the past few years. Iím pretty well versed in both acts.

Monŗe came on around 9:30 in classic feminine tuxedo attire and her trademark hair poof. Unfortunately the 3 tallest men in the world were standing in front of me so I couldnít stare at her throughout the entire set. I did get to hear her though! She belted out several songs off her new album, The ArchAndroid, as well as a few of my old favorites from Metropolis. Highlights of her set were probably “Smile”, which she sings a cappella out to a wide-eyed audience and “Make the Bus” which of Montrealís Kevin Barnes came out and joined her for. Of course the closing Tightrope was a hit, and I tried to dance around a bit in my 2-inch radius of space but you know how that goes.

I thought I was going to die when the lights came up for the main act, as I watched Dottie, BP, Davey, etc walk out. I should mention here that frontman and music genius Kevin Barnes may be my favorite human being, so seeing him again is always a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I was about 2 people deep from the barrier at the beginning, but we were all shuffled around during the 2nd song as we tried to reach Barnesís when he demounted the stage. My real friends and crowd friends held down our fort though, and led the crowd behind us as we jumped around to pretty much every song. My personal favorites from the night included “Coquet Coquette,” “The Partyís Crashing Us,” “Gronlandic Edit,” and “Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse.” However, none of them could touch the encore, which I will discuss in a moment.

The set in its entirety was probably close to 2 hoursÖ THATíS SO LONG. They played a lot off of their new album, False Priest, although quite a bit off 2008ís Skeletal Lamping and 2007ís Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? To be honest, I would have preferred to hear more off of those previous albums, and the band only played a couple songs from Satanic Panic in the Attic and Sunlandic Twins, which was mildly upsetting.

However, the band completely won me back during their encore, which was the 11+ minute long anthem “The Past is a Grotesque Animal.” This song is my absolute favorite in the entire history of songs, so I sort of lost it. At this point I had also misplaced my voice, and the combination of the two, if you can picture it, involved my raspy voice being screamed out over the crowd while clenching fists and standing on tip-toes. I was pretty into it. Fortunately several of the people around me also knew all of the words and the correct emotional cues, so I wasnít alone when I screeched out (nearly inaudibly) ďTHE MOUSEY GIRL SCREAMS VIOLENCE! VIOLENCE!Ē Iíd be lying if I said I didnít shed a tear. Iíve seen of Montreal a bunch of times over the years, and they havenít played this song since the very first time I saw them at Irving Plaza, NY a millennium ago. I didnít even have to beg for it, they just played it. It was amazing. IT WAS SO AMAZING. I want to tell you more about the show, but when it comes to set as epic as this one, you have to pick and choose. There is no doubt in my mind that this encore was the best Iíve ever seen in my existence, and it certainly cemented my of Montreal concert addiction.

Of course, if youíve never seen them perform before, I should mention that the entire show is full of costume changes, performance art, sex, animal masks, onesies, guest appearances, sex, dancing, and more sex. Itís a beautiful thing, and if you EVER are in a city at the same time as of Montreal, I highly recommend you go, no matter the cost. Itís a visual and aural experience you really canít get anywhere else.

I love you guys, thanks for the incredible show.

Janelle Monŗe
Dance or Die
Locked Inside
Sincerely Jane
make the Bus
Hallelujah Corus
Mushrooms & Roses
Cold War

of Montreal:
Coquet Coquette
Suffer For Fashion
The Partyís Crashing Us
Our Riotous Defects
Like a Tourist
Sex Karma
Girl Named Hello
Plastis Wafer
Hydra Fancies
Gronlandic Edit
You Do Mutilate?
Bunny Ainít No Kind of Rider
Sheís a Rejector
Around the Way
Heimsalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
Casualty Of You
For Our Elegant Caste
A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
The Past is a Grotesque Animal

Reviewed by Ari Mygatt
Photos by Leila Z and Ari Mygatt

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  1. Heather Smokler
    November 9, 2010 at 12:57 am #

    I also went to see Of Montreal on Halloween and they were incredible. Much agreed! I’ve seen four of their shows including this one since my freshman year in high school and am totally and completely obsessed. Thank you so much for this review. It’s nice to see that someone else out there appreciates their incomparable AMAZINGNESS and talent.

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