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Album: Time to Die

Artist: The Dodos

Label: Frenchkiss


In regular Dodos fashion, this album is full of epic builds and interesting tempo shifts.  Despite this, Time to Die is a nice change from Visiter, their second full-length release, as they have taken on a mellower and more focused aesthetic.  Most tracks are still centered around driving instrumentals with Long’s vocals floating effortlessly over, but there’s a dark undertone to this album that is more prominent than in their past releases. While they have gotten some flack for the shift in their sound, this album is still a great release, and it’s obvious that each new element was carefully thought over.  Plus, who can resist them now that they’ve added a vibraphone player?  Since the release of Time to Die, the Dodos have steadily made their way up the charts, until finally reaching the number one spot.

This is KSPC’s #1 album for the week of September 14, 2009

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