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Flying Lotus
Dr Strangeloop
Thunder cat
Gaslamp Killer

This exciting Thursday night of musical wonder took place in the Music Box: a really great venue with a pretty classy-retro feel in the heart of Hollywood. It was pretty packed and full of devoted, lively young fans. There was a lot of singing along and such, but not in the annoying overdone drunk way. Although Flying Lotus was the highlight for many of the people who went, the opening acts were unexpectedly quite impressive. All were under the Brainfeeder label and although could all be considered part of the same electronic genre of music, each had their own distinct style. Thus it was a quite balanced line-up ranging from the chill trance-like melodies of Teebs to the grimy hip hop beats of Samiyam to the energized hard style of Gaslamp Killer.

And so I was constantly intrigued and entertained throughout the night, especially when Gaslamp Killer came out with his massive fro and an infinite amount of crazy energy. All were clearly talented DJs and passionate about their music that nearly everyone really responded to. ,And yet somehow everyone was still pretty pumped when Flying Lotus walked on stage with his contagious smile, even after the 4 hours of jumping and dancing. He put on an excellent show with Thundercat who was still on stage grooving out on his bass (and dressed quite similar to a Dragonball Z character…) He did not disappoint in playing some of his well-loved older, melancholy songs along with his more dancey pop new stuff. He even busted out some of Odd Future at which point the entire crowd was yelling along.

Overall the night was definitely worth the $35 paid for my floor ticket. One could easily make their way up to the front and have their rib cage rattle a bit with the constantly pounding bass. It was exciting to witness this collection of cultivated skill in a style of music that is quite popular in LA’s underground music scene and centered at the increasingly infamous “Low End Theory” nights at The Airliner in Lincoln Heights.

I recommend checking out all of these artists and catching a show of any of them as you will have a very satisfying evening of music….

Review by Corinne Marquardt