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Crash Barely Alive

The first song “Cock Worship” stops off with a very slow section, which lasts about two seconds before the madness begins.  These two seconds are some of the only moments of refuge from the driving and aggressive, hardcore hooks that are dished out throughout the entirety of the EP.  Once the song gets faster, the drums, bass, and guitar carry out a consistent rhythm under the rest of the sound capsule.  It follows a formula that works perfectly for C.R.A.S.H.–the EPs are fast and to the point.

Another highlight is “White People Problems,” the third song in the mix with the greatest sense of building anticipation before the vocals kick in.  There is almost half a minute of shelter consisting of relatively tame guitar strokes and pulsing base.  When the vocals do start up they are as aggressive as ever, reminding the listener of the musical chaos beyond the temporary calm in the eye of the storm.  It’s like the song in a sense lets the listener have a little stretch before the hardcore sprint.

The last song “Third Person Deficient” starts with the bass thumping out a few notes.  And then the entire band attacks.  This is very likely the heaviest song of the entire album, and it’s as if the band saved it for last almost as a reward for the listener for having stuck through all the pandemonium leading up to it.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a band attack their instruments I suggest you keep yourself posted on their live shows. C.R.A.S.H. does not seem to play shows very often, but when they do they can seem a little out of the ordinary.  As an example, they played in a dumpster for the Barely Alive record release show.  Or there’s that time they played at Mashti Malone’s, an ice cream shop in Hollywood. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has seen them up close, I promise their performance will leave you Barely Alive!

-Luis, KSPC Blogger