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She Keeps Bees plays smoldering, gorgeous, alt-folk rock with a bluesy, rhythmic feel. This powerful, Brooklyn-based duo creates an incredibly resonant, full sound with only guitar, drums and vocals. Jessica Larrabee’s raw, beautiful voice emotes plaintive bitterness, and echoes in aching harmonies across the methodical roll of Andy LaPlant’s drums. Like their last album, Nests, this album is soulful and melancholy, yet still insistent, even vengeful. Dig On embodies all the thoughts and emotional states of a wronged lover; the tracks range from songs like “Blind to the Cup”, a poignant, dejected eulogy for a faded romance, to tracks like “Found You Out” and “Vulture”, which are bitter, menacing accusations against cheating exes, and even ranges to include “All or None/Dark Horse”, a sort of inspirational battle-cry, with deliberately dancing drums that express the freedom that comes with the realization that you need to leave a relationship that just isn’t good enough. This album is best enjoyed stalking an ex’s Facebook, but no heartbreak experience is necessary to luxuriate in the soul-piercing vocals and swaying rhythms. A must-listen for anyone who likes Cat Power, Peggy Sue, The Pack A.D., Wildbirds & Peacedrums, or Sam Phillips.

Review by Ella Dwyer.