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The Modern Superstitions isn’t like most teenage bands. Hailing from Toronto, this teenage trio of high school buddies step onto the scene with their debut album All The Things We’ve Been Told. The band blasts through with short and sweet six-track LP that flaunts all their quirky little traits. The heart of the Modern Superstitions lies in their lead vocalist Nyssa Rosaleen who adds a fierce, electric voice to the already dazzling popish tunes that makes you feel like you’re back in the ‘60s. Her voice has the confidence and swagger of an experienced singer and makes the young band seem beyond their years. All six songs tend to dwell on the topic of young love, which is one of the only times when you realize you’re listening to a such a youthful band. Characterized by strong guitar melodies and steady, cadenced beats, their songs effortlessly float through pop, rock and punk.

The thing with releasing a small debut LP is that there’s little room for mistakes – and the Modern Superstitions don’t make many. The standouts include “Visions of You” that has a five second clip that is extremely reminiscent of the Dexys Midnight Runner’s ’82 single “Come on Eileen” and “Mercy Line” a groovy song with a solid guitar riff that makes you wanna bust a move.

Overall, the Modern Superstitions mature yet adolescent mix of sounds makes a balanced popish rock debut that is a feisty sampling of what this new band can do! Be excited for their next release!

All the Things We’ve Been Told is Modern Superstition’s first LP for Last Gang Records and was released on July 13, 2010.

Reviewed by Neha Savant