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Kspc Salad Days

Artist: Mac Demarco

Album: Salad Days

Label: Captured Tracks

What a silly, soulful sloth. What a bed-wraggled, mopey-eyed, prankster. Mac Demarco was drinking last night, and this morning he regurgitated an album. He must have been eating some brassica veggies and maybe some organic bell papers for breakfast because what came out of him sounds like a mangled swamp-salad. Salad Days is a swaying, shimmering, lethargic palm tree on Sunday. With lyrics that are almost satirically sentimental and bass grooves that rhythmically sneak into your bones like nut grass roots gently slithering through the soil. This album chills you out reeeally well. This album is such a careful whirlwind of glittering sound-atmosphere that it invokes a Real Estate and/or Ductails hue, and that’s a good thing.

Mac Kicks off with his song “Salad Days” in which he continues to apologize to his mom for how much he’s disappointed her. (A conversation that began in his song “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” from his previous album 2.)

There’s some highly useful guidance that one can receive from Mac Demarco and his new album Salad Days that must have come to him at the price of years of painstaking introspection. We are so lucky to be here to mop up Mac Demarco’s liquid gold output.

In “Treat her better boy” Mac half-heartedly advises, “Tell her that you love her, if you really love her, but if your heart just ain’t sure, let her know / Let her go.” à That’s actually good advice…thanks Mac. When did you get kind-sorta serious about some things? Who even cares, man?  Mac’s a good dude.

(Mac Demarco once coined the phrase “jizz jazz” to describe his own style.  Fun Fact.)

Favorite tracks include: “Let Her Go,” “Passing Out Pieces,” and “Go Easy.” But everything’s good, honestly.

-Lucas Ayenew, KSPC Blogger