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If there were a movie that was based on post apocalyptic mars (this assuming that water had been cultivated on mars, and then there was life, and then the apocalypse) where the remaining people are all very attractive but tend to drink too much, fight, and then kiss a lot, this would be the soundtrack to that movie.

We Landed on the Moon has a frenzied energy that is showcased throughout every song on its newest album, “This Will Be One for the Books.” Their sound is driven by the strong and enigmatic female vocals (courtesy of Melissa Eccles) and depending on the song, she can make you feel like dancing, crying, or both.

One of the best tracks is “On Our Last Legs” where it starts with a steady drum beat, plucky guitar and concise interesting lyrics. After about 50 seconds of this, it explodes into a fantastic uptempo driving rhythm and it basically feels like that time you realized why cheese and crackers are delicious. It’s the mixing of textures, Eccles’ buttery lady vocals, and the crunchy guitar work, that makes this album remarkable.

Other memorable tracks include “The Good Fight”, “Across the Sun”, and “No Show”. We Landed on the Moon was founded in 2006 and records in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is their third studio release.

This Will Be One for the Books was released on October 12, 2010

Reviewed by Ellie McElvain