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Alien Soundtracks

This Wednesday Upland noise duo Alien Soundtracks will be in the studio for an interview on The Weather Report with w/ Dusty Clouds (2-4pm).

Since 2007, Alien Soundtracks have been experimenting with eerie sounds created with a vast assortment of effects pedals and synthesizers. They’ve documented a plethora of their chaotic noise soundscapes over the past few years and have released numerous CD-Rs and splits with other local noise acts like Indica Wall and Sunken Landscapes. Recently, they have been included on a 3 CD-R Box set from Long Beach based noise label, Nihil Underground. I will attempt to get to the bottom of the underlying concepts behind the overall Alien Sountracks aesthetic with hard hitting questions about sunshine and windstorms.

your faithful weatherman,
Dusty Clouds