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An Album Review and A Recipe for you eyes, ears, nose and mouth




This duo sister group from Ithaca, New York have just released one album that compiles their live recordings and some other less live ones.

It starts off with a cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love and the rest of the album takes you off your feet with whimsical and original tunes.

This album is a debut of a band that has much potential in their delicate and easy sound of two young women with lots to say (they were recently interviewed on KSPC!). With influences coming from Corrine Bailey Rae, Cat Power, and Bon Iver, these girls permeate a very current sound. Their simple acoustic tunes such as Let Go are also very reminiscent of a much older, more mature feel. This track specifically, in it’s accessibility and cute acknowledgement of cliche being a love song, reminds me of female folk greats like Joni Mitchell, Kath Bloom and Jenny Lewis.

Their DIY aesthetic is clear and is not distracting. If anything this type of humble, live recording makes the songs feel close to home. Seeing as Lydia, on of the front women singers is a student at the 5 colleges, they really are very close to home! KSPC is proud to be associated with this sweet sounding croon squad. Maddie, the other sister visits often and they will probably maintain in their forming tradition of performing at Pitzer college’s intimate venue, the Grove House for it’s free and acoustic displays of student talent and other local gems.

This album portrays a message of melancholy growing up in love and lust and in mourning and in general awareness of emotion as a universal language. Using sweet harmonies, various string instruments and light percussion these little poems highlight life’s subtleties. Lots more goodness and growing up to come from these stellar KSPC affiliated gals.

visit their website at for more info on the band and their adorable Cinderella story as well as cool videos they made themselves!

This week’s recipe is one that I made just this morning here on campus as well. It’s all about staying as local as possible this week, I mean literally blocks away from this mighty basement. Although not quite in season, this recipe is one that can be appreciated all year round, but especially amid these falling fall leaves and windy days.

Blueberry Banana Muffins

Banana Blueberry Muffins

and to supplement this home baked treat I will provide a recipe that is wackier, further from home, but more true to KSPC’s style!