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An Album Review and A Recipe for your eyes, ears, nose and mouth

By Vivian Ponte-Fritz

Ct140 Macdemarco Cover 300Dpi

Review of Mac Demarco “Rock and Roll Nightclub” released on Captured Tracks.

This rumbling album is a combination of classic car, drive-thru soundtracks and radio announcements by a baritone DJ in the 1980’s. These smooth transitions set a listener up to be a little weirded out, yet pleased by this nostalgic mixing and blending of musical genres.

I wouldn’t really call this rock all the way, and I guess that is why we merely classify Mac Demarco as “underground”, a genre that could really mean anything. The twangy guitar that loops and solos accompanies an keyboard organ and the low, sad voice of Demarco. Small and stunted percussion that ranges from from slight little fuzz and clean drum kit beats also color this melancholy Elvis in the rain aesthetic.

The slow rambling songs all beg to be loved, but not like Beiber, ready to convert to fan’s demands. More like Leonard Cohen’s cries for love. The words are not nearly as poetic as Cohen’s

( “Cruising in the moonlight
heading downtown
looking for some fast love
gotta get down”)

but the very low voice, stricken by the weirdness of a place like “European Vegas” gives this album a sense of high art. The breakdown in “She’s Really All I Need” and many of Demarco’s other guitar solos speak to his real talent as a composer. The streamline synthesis between bluesy sounds, old rock and roll and a very new artsy, DIY style of  garage sounds are what make this album so attractive to me. I particularly enjoy allusions to bands like Queen and Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen. This cross generational genre synthesis reflects how savvy Mac Demarco is of his predecessors and his inspirations.

I particularly like One More Tear To Cry (track 4) and Moving Like Mike (track 8). Track 3 is also great!

This week I made apple sauce and Latkes in the Light of Hannukah!

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Apple Sauce


have fun yallll

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