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KSPC DJ Janette


Janette  is the DJ for Girl Underground every Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. Having grown up in Southern California, Janette is a longtime listener of KSPC. After writing for the station’s blog, Janette began volunteering as a DJ.

She describes her show as a mix of underground with a little bit of funk, as she as focused on building an audience and playing music that they enjoy.

“I feel like a lot of people have been playing more mellow stuff, but right now I’ve been trying to put in a little bit of funk,” Janette said.

Janette loves listening to music and tries to go to as many shows as possible, enjoying the local music scene. Recently, Janette attended Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) where she met Interpol’s Paul Banks.

Janette enjoys exploring and connecting with new music that she eventually shares with her listeners.

“Today I listened to a vast amount of record labels that I’ve never listened to before in my life. I don’t usually listen to that much hip-hop but I found one song that I liked.”


Check out Janette’s blog, “Girl Underground,” and find her “Top Ten” Playlist below:

“Paradise”-Eyedea and Abilities


“Corazon Atomico”-Zoé*

“The Next Messiah”-Jenny Lewis

“An Anxious Mind”-Bella Maine

“The Start of Something”-Voxtrot

“Where the Sun Sets”-Mars Water

“Woman”-Psychic Wheels



*(one of my favorite bands in Spanish; I don’t speak Spanish but understand it, haha!)


-Stephanie Mace, Blog Contributor