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KSPC is a proud sponsor of Outfest 2011, Los Angeles’ 29th Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The documentary “Shut Up Little Man: An Audio Misadventure” will be screened tonight at 7:45PM at the Director Guild of America 2 building in Hollywood.

Documentary Features (Australia, 2011, 90 mins)

Directed By: Matthew Bate

In 1987, Eddie and Mitch, two young punks from the Midwest, moved into a terrible San Francisco apartment. Through paper-thin walls, they were introduced to their middle-aged alcoholic neighbors, Raymond, a raging homophobe, and Peter, a flamboyant gay man. Compelled by Ray’s and Peter’s barrage of vitriolic diatribes, Eddie and Mitch made audio recordings to document their neighbors’ bizarre relationship. SHUT UP LITTLE MAN tells their story as a darkly comedic exploration into the blurred boundaries among privacy, art and exploitation.