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Tune in on Monday June 15th from 8-10pm to hear HFICLSI of San Diego performing live at KSPC on The Weather Report. Their first album “KALEIDOSCOPE”, released this April, blends angular math rock dynamics and a brattiness similar to that of The Locust with dark Refused-esque hardcore stylings, making for an unpredictable guitar/bass/drums assault that can range from sultry to sinister. They describe their own sound as “a misogynist pursuing one kind of love until he takes a bunch of acid, considers himself an amateur jewel-thief, and blurs the two” …although, I think its a little bit louder than that.

Their album is available for a free download on their myspace

and for the record it’s pronounced: HIGH – FY – CAL – UH – SIGH

Photo: © 2011