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100301 A Rival

Chiphop / Nerdcore group A_RIVAL will be an in-studio guest on the Video Game Music Show this Friday 10/7/11 at 6pm.

Game music producer, composer, and performer A_Rival, proudly announces the release of his debut CD, “8-Bit Pimp”; the first full-length, Hip-Hop album of all original music in where all tracks and beats were composed entirely using the sound chip of the Nintendo Entertainment System. A-Rival is quickly bridging the gap between Hip-Hop and the up-and-coming “Chiptune” scene – an emerging music genre established in San Francisco among DJs, composers, producers, and musically inclined fans of game music that seeks to push the boundaries of the art form.

A_Rival‘s 8-bit infused “chip-hop” sound blends not only Hip-Hop and Nintendo Entertainment System audio synthesis, but also infuses high-energy Electro-House and Drum & Bass with a lyrical style that ranges from tumultuous, rapid-fire ‘Nerd Rhyming’