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Set List:

  1. Landscape Painter (0:00)
  2. Slow Realization (3:15)
  3. Second Decade (6:21)
  4. Background Deal (11:41)
  5. The 101 (15:31)
  6. Strange Insistence (18:11)

Originally from Olympia, Washington, Gun Outfit is now a five-piece LA band featuring Claremont’s Henry Barnes (Amps for Christ, Man is the Bastard). Their genre-bending sound, fusing elements of psych folk, cosmic country, and punk, has been described by Uncut as “Peyote for the ears… Expansive, arid, and dusty.” On November 5, 2017, they appeared live on Folk Freeway to play songs from their forthcoming album, Out of Range (Paradise of Bachelors).

Listen to Folk Freeway on Sundays from 11am-1pm.