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James Powell brings experience in installation art, design, and landscape architecture to his improvised electronic performances and compositions. Using primarily modular synthesis he creates spatial, long-form works that blend elements of electro, industrial, and idm with dub mixing techniques. Generative processes are incorporated to create an interplay of predetermined and discovered elements, where works emerge from intention, context, and chance.

Listen to his In-Studio recorded on February 25th, 2018 on the Synthdactyl Program. Listen to the Synthdactyl Program on the 3rd & 4th Sunday of the month from 7pm-10pm.

**The audio was edited for WordPress file size limitations. You can watch & listen to the entire performance on our FB page:

Upcoming shows:
3/14 /////STRANGER #14////// @ La Cita Bar, Los Angeles
3/25 at Pixels, Riverside