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Listen to San Cha’s In-Studio and interview recorded on July 8, 2018, on Radio Realness. Listen to Radio Realness on the 1st & 2nd Sunday of the month from 7pm-10pm.





San Cha is a singer-songwriter known for explosive, visceral and emotional live performances. Her name is derived from the Spanish word ‘sancha’ which translates to ‘mistress’ and is also a reference to the title of ‘San’ given to male saints in the Catholic tradition.

Watch her live stream performance on our FB Page:

Enjoy San Cha’s new video! “San Cha’s debut EP, Capricho Del Diablo, came out back in June, and now one of its tracks, “Me Demandó”, has been reworked for an acoustic version, appearing in a visual that’s partway between a music video, short film, and documentary.

“The song is about how someone can go from being your biggest fan and supporter to your debt collector,” San Cha explains. “This song inspired the entire album as far as subject matter and music. The album explores the power dynamics of a failed relationship, which is also the same relationship I have with this country. Many of us first generation children are sold on the American Dream only to end up with debts that enslave us for life.”