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Artist: Kaleidoscope Jukebox //  Album: Infinite Reflection //

By Jason Schechter

After hearing the first few songs, I immediately felt a Big Gigantic/Mimosa/Griz vibe, probably because of the use of sharp brass instruments, melodic synths, some bass in yo face, samples of monologues, and vinyl scratches.  Clint, (aka Kaleidoscope Jukebox), uses a combination of computer programmed sounds and live instruments – which results in an album that covers electronica, chillwave, funk, hip-hop, and world genres. About halfway through the album, I noticed an increase in more soothing, wordly sounds – mainly middle-eastern strings, vocals, or woodwinds (and I think I even heard some klezmer vibes at one point).  The lyrics (from the samples) mainly allude to different dimensions, vibrations, sound, colors, and infinity.  This is not the kind of album I’d recommend if you’re looking to grind or do some hardcore head-banging; but to those willing to free their minds and sync their bodies to the energy of the eclectic mix of sounds: I wish you a wonderful journey.  [Some tracks to start out with: Infinite Reflection, Broken, The Eye, Of Light, & By The Light of Dawn].

Label: Rhythm and Culture // Out 03-13