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Missed Kera and the Lesbians and Upset performing at the the last Art After Hours? Get the lowdown from this review by KSPC’s Publicity Director, Cleo Spencer, featuring photography by Emily Macune! Plus, get ready for the last Thursday night of KSPC sponsored live music for the semester, happening April 14th.

A few days after International Women’s Day, your favorite college radio station KSPC brought two female-fronted bands to Art After Hours. This biweekly event is a chance for students to enjoy Pomona College’s art museum after normal open hours while also catching a live show from a local band.

Kera and the Lesibans opened the night, though Kera was performing sans lesbians this time around. She wore a smirking grin and an erratic energy that gave her performance a dark and emotional charge. When she invited the audience to sit down, it got us all emotionally (and literally) on her level. Her set ranged from a song about her nail biting habit to one dedicated to her mom.


After a quick breath of a break, Upset took the stage with an upbeat punk set. It was a treat to feel the energy of these songs lives, especially after the countless times I’ve jammed out while playing them on KSPC. In the middle of their set, an older man and his adorable loaf-like dog stopped by the show. Once the pooch was spotted, the band awed at his adorable shape and, like any group of hip artists, referenced a dog-related meme: puppy or bagel/Chihuahua or muffin/Labrodoodle or fried chicken? They ended the night with a sweet Jawbreaker cover.


For a taste of my favorite song from the night, “She’s Gone” by Upset, check out the KSPC Instagram! And join us for our last night of live music at Art After Hours this Thursday at 9PM, featuring One Coco and Night Talks.