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Kspc Spacedout

If you’re itching to hear some live music this week, here’s a peak at shows KSPC recommends:

Wednesday, March 11th

Howlin’ Rain – The Blank Tapes – The Shelters – Mild High Club @the Echo

Nacosta – The Crazy Brave – Mars & the Massacre – L.A. River Bend @Silverlake Lounge

Sad Girl – The Paranoyds – No-Fi @the Cinema Bar [FREE]

Tonopah – Wolf Prize – Once Nina @El Cid

Thursday, March 12th

Hurray for the Riff Raff – Adia Victoria – Alana Amram @the Troubador

Dads – Kevin Devine & the GD Band – Field Mouse @the Echo

Guantanamo Baywatch – Meat Market – Chastity Belt @the Smell

Friday, March 13th

Wand – Death Valley Girls – Walter TV @the Echo

The Shondes – Peach Kelli Pop – Massenger – Susan @the Smell

The Chicas Rockeras Southeast L.A. Fundraiser: Upset – The Potential Lunatics – Palabras – The English Riviera Incident @pehrspace

Me Lacey Flowers – Fast Kid Slow Animal – Hailey Wojcik – Anie @Gal Palace LA

Saturday, March 14th

Silverlake Flea Market: Surgeon Marta – The Slow Poisoner @Micheltorena Street Elementary School [FREE]

Ricardo Levmo & Makina Loca @the Getty Center [FREE]

LoveyDove @Cody’s Viva Cantina

Dent May – Roses – Arjuna Genome – Ghost Porn @the Smell

Sunday, March 15th

Title Fight – Merchandise – Power Trip @the Glass House

Phillip Levy – Rina Dokshitsky @LACMA [FREE]