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It’s 2 AM on Friday, which means you just missed the latest KSPC Blowout!

Magical Mistakes

First up was Magical Mistakes (formerly known as Death by Panda, generally known as Erik Luebs) of Pitzer College’s Rainbow Destroyer collective, a one-man electroambientpopsomething outfit who, though solitary by nature, crafts tunes epic in proportion. You can download his music for free from the Rainbow Destroyer website.

Faun Fables

Next, Oakland’s Faun Fables, longtime friends of KSPC, returned to the Claremont Colleges for another evening of magic and mystery. Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl are a totally unique live act: probably the only time you’ll hear Polish hillbillies, elves, and West Texan roadkill evoked in the course of a single performance. Tonight’s show culminated in a positively apocalyptic cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock.” Faun Fables’ recordings are available on Drag City.

All told, it’s been a magical week for music at the 5Cs! Wednesday night brought us a great show sponsored by our friends at Claremont Colleges Live Arts: first, an interactive electronic sound-meditation by LA’s Lucky Dragons, whose music can encountered online here and touched, by you, live and in person. Mind? Blown. Next up were Javelin, two fellas from Providence, RI who make records for Thrill Jockey and David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label and apply a postmodern culture-vulture cut-up sensibility to old-skool dance jams. Booty? Shook. Result? Good times.

-Rachel D.