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If you are short on time and just want a second’s worth of music intelligence in your busy day here’s a little peek into a new album we got down here in the station.

By Kathryn Elizabeth Shepley

Reptar- Body Faucet (2012)

Reptar Body Faucet

From Athens, Georgia; named after the dinosaur from the ‘Rugrats’, Reptar have
produced an eccentric and upbeat debut album called ‘Body Faucet’ (2012) . Each tune is
fast paced and rhythmic with a variety of percussion which adds an African-inspired element
to their music, enabling a fun, upbeat, indie vibe. This charming indie pop band uses
a lot of echo effects creating an album fit for the beach and sun, each a summer fun
tune. However, all the songs are fairly similar and somewhat repetitive; some serious
listeners may find this album a bit daft and an imitation of bands such as Vampire
Weekend but for some light listening this album is ideal.

Tracks to listen to: 1-Sebastian, 4-Orifice Origami, 12- Water Runs.