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Hellloooo Space Fam, it’s Sarah and Emily – KSPC’s Summer Program Coordinators! We’ve been reviewing lots of awesome new releases here at the Space so to commemorate the end of Summer at KSPC we’re writing about our favorite new albums of the summer!

billy woods & Kenny Segal – Maps (2023, Backwoodz Studioz)

Discussing change in all of its forms, billy woods’ newest album produced by Kenny Segal is jazzy and smooth while still being hard hitting and innovative in its production and lyricism. Woods tackles topics like gentrification, our current political climate, and the life of a modern touring musician through detailed and witty lyrics on this LP. Songs like “Soft Landing” sample chill indie rock guitar licks with wood’s abrasive and commanding vocals layered on top of them, creating a sonic multi-genre collage. After being in the game for two decades, this might be billy wood’s best work yet.

ANOHNI & The Johnsons – My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross (2023, Secretly Canadian)

British-born, NY based ANOHNI really blew me away with this album. How can she make something so uplifting yet so heartbreaking at the same time? This is truly a masterpiece. Each song is so raw and intimate yet incredibly relatable. The topics involve addiction, friendship, hometowns, romance, and the queer experience. I knew this was my favorite album after listening to just one song. The production is so spatially aware. PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!!!

Squid – O Monolith (2023, Warp)

Squid are back with their second full length LP, this time with a more experimental yet refined take on their post-punk sound. There is more experimental production than their first album but still the catchy bass lines and rambling lyrics like on their debut, Bright Green Field (2021.) Jumping from the opening track “Swing (In a Dream)” which is soft and uplifting to “Undergrowth” which features melodic synths and bright, brassy horns, the album dissects the post-punk sound through this perfectly unique album.

Juan Wauters – Wandering Rebel (2023, Captured Tracks)

The songs on Wandering Rebel are candid reflections on subjects like career (“Wandering Rebel”), romantic commitment (“Amor Amor”), mental health (“Nube Negra”) and the personal toll of touring (“Let Loose”). The Uruguayan-born, Jackson Heights, NY-dwelling musician is best known not for a specific musical style, but instead for the crystalline sincerity that underpins everything he does. For reference, the titles tend to indicate which language the song will be in (Spanish or English).

feeble little horse – Girl With Fish (2023, Saddle Creek)

Sappy but witty, distorted but also smooth, feeble little horse’s newest album is the perfect indie rock album for your summertime walks, drives, etc. Combining shoegaze sounds with more traditional singer songwriter elements, this album is great for any underground show from abstract to conventional. Songs like “Tin Man” are fuzzy and create a wall of sound to rock out to while others like “Station” are toe-tapping, acoustic numbers for those feelings of summer yearning.

Girlhouse – The Fourth EP (2023, Secret Road Records)

Singer-songwriter Lauren Luiz has an expressive voice that will make you sad throughout this EP, all the while tapping your feet along to the ringing beats. This EP has tons of sounds reminiscent of 90s rock and punk, while still staying true to its catchy melodies. Each song is distinct from the next, taking listeners on a journey through Luiz’s life.

Divide and Dissolve – Systemic (2023, Invada)

For those into the heavier side of rock, Divide and Dissolve’s fourth studio album Systemic is an instrumental exploration of indigineity and our systems that uphold white supremacy – envisioning ways to counteract these systems through sound. The band is made up of two femme artists – Takiaya Reed on guitar and saxophone and Sylvie Nehill on percussion, who both are of indigenous heritage (Tsalgi and Maori respectively). Droning guitars, spoken word, and crunchy instrumentals, this album is a summer headbanger (also produced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra).

LA Priest – Fase Luna (2023, Domino)

Very tropical album, all produced in Costa Rica. With minimalistic guitar and vocals, the album captures the mythical connections and hazy atmosphere influenced by the sun and sea. The nine tracks form a cohesive portrait of experiences, creating a captivating sonic landscape that transports listeners to ethereal realms. “Fast Luna” is a testament to LA Priest’s artistry and ability to evoke wonder through music.

Hope you enjoyed our summer favorites! You can hear them on KSPC or listen in your own time, enjoy!! xoxo Sarah and Emily