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Claremont Representatives State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (Republican, 59th District) and State Senator Bob Huff (Republican, 29th District) may not let voters decide whether or not to extend tax increases past July. Bringing the tax extensions to the special election in June would help to ensure continued funding for social services in California. The current state budget proposal includes billions of cuts to social services, including services for the developmentally disabled, welfare, early childhood health, arts and culture, mental health and in-home elder care.

Governor Brown needs just four Republican votes for a June ballot measure to let voters decide on whether to extend tax increases past July.  If the taxes aren’t extended (or don’t get on the ballot at all), billions of dollars will be eliminated from social services statewide.

If you would like to encourage Claremont’s representatives to let the voters decide on tax extensions during an especially difficult budget year for the state of California, click here to send them a message: