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Soul-inspired Jazz Singer and Keyboardist Professor R.J. Ross will be a guest on “Claremont Straight Ahead”, hosted by Larry the Fox, at noon on Monday, June 21, 2010.
Back in the day when Ross perfomed with various funk groups in his native Detroit, his seriousness about music and expertise in running rehearsals earned him the nickname “Professor”. While the sylish multi-talented performer doesn’t boast any fancy degrees, when it comes to creating brilliantly cool contemporary soul-jazz, Professor R.J. Ross and the University of Soul are showing the world how it’s done.
Emerging as a solo artist after several decades behind the scenes, the soulful musical innovator – who’s been working professionally since age 11 – brings a lifetime of jazzy, funky music, hard knocks, and hard-hitting stories about triumphs over adversity to his easy grooving debut album “Face to Face”.
He has been described as “the best kept secret in the music business” having been co-founder of the Detroit Funk Band “Brainstorm”; and worked as in-house keyboardist, MIDI expert, and arranger at Fantasy Records for everyone from Jeffrey Osborne and Eddie Money to Huey Lewis, MC Hammer, & 2Pac.
Ross’ powerful song-writing, unique piano style, and distinctive vocal approach mark him as a seasoned Jazz/Soul artist in the great tradition of Detroit and New Orleans Piano Men.
This is the real deal – an old school Soul Man with a joyful, uplifting message that’s a testament to his resolute spirit and innate musical sense.
Coming from his home base in the San Francisco area, it will be a distinct honor to welcome Professor R.J. Ross to Southern California, KSPC and “Claremont Straight Ahead”.
RJ’s trip to Los Angeles will also include a night of soul-inspired jazz performances at the Vibrato Grill & Jazz on Wednesday, June 23 at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m
Be sure to listen in on what is expected to be a really interesting interview at noon on Monday, June 21.

-DJ Larry The Fox