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Los Straitjackets - The Further Adventures Of... (Yeproc)

Hark! It’s Nashville’s- nay!! The SOLAR SYSTEM’s mightiest surf rockers, LOS STRAITJACKETS!!! The instrumental band has washed up (ever so gallantly) with its eleventh studio compilation- The Further Adventures of Los Straightjackets. While the supposed top-track ‘Sasquatch’ is indeed superb with an effin’ nuts bass line, I’m tempted to say that you are more likely to break your neck with loony tunes like ‘The Wild Mouse’. ‘Blowout’ will melt your face, and you will hail the hurly-burley, while lovey-gully ‘Catalina’ and heart-breaking ‘Mercury’ will surely liquify yer pumper to a pulsing pulp… Broken necks, broken hearts, blown speakers and minds alike- this badass album’s middle name is danger. What’s not to dig?