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Reports have just come in that Derf Scratch, the iconic first bassist of the infamous L.A. Hardcore Punk band Fear  passed away last Wednesday.  Derf Scratch born Frederick Milner III, has reportedly passed away on July 28th. More...

Derf Scratch was one of the founding members of the gritty hardcore punk band Fear. Fear approached everyone as a hold no bars punk band and can arguably be called one of the vilest and violent groups to come out of Los Angeles first wave of punk rock in the late 1970’s.

[youtube PyM4uAJBujA ]

The band and Derf Scratch become forever embedded into punk rock history in the 1979 film “The Decline of Western Civilization”, as they spat, insulted, and fought with fans to the point of nearly causing a riot! Fear would eventually catch the eye of hardcore punk fan and actor John Belushi who on Halloween night 1981 had the band perform in front of the entire nation on Saturday Night Live. The show went on to be the most destructive live performance in the history of television series. The band played a blistering fast 3 songs as a large group of fans from DC (including Ian Mackaye of Fugazi) trashed the set to the sum of $20,000.
Derf Scratch would leave the band in 1982 being replaced by a series of bassists including Red Hot Chili Peppers very one Flea. There’s still no word on the cause of Derf Scratch’s death but one thing is undeniable, the world is now short another iconic Rock “N” Roll bassist

– DJ Flesh Sweat