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Folk band Dana Falconberry performed February 26 on Amaru’s show Lost at Sea. The Austin band is touring to promote their latest (&greatest) album, Leelanau, which our DJs having been spinning for the past couple months. The band even brought along Sewer Sue, their incredibly personable juju, dressed in her holiday best. An underworld inhabitant, Sue enjoys(/sports) sideburns, the color orange, and is KSPC’s latest fan. Dana Falconberry is opening for Califone Thursday, February 27, at the Satellite. Rumor has it Sewer Sue will be there too! 

The Band’s Doll: Sewer Sue!



The Band’s Set List: Cool!



In-studio tracks!

Sault Ste Marie or Snail Shells

Possum Song

To hear more, tune in to KSPC, or head over to the band’s website.

Please Sparrow


Lake Carlevoix